First blog post! YAY!!

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to get this blog started. It has been an idea of mine for a while, and today I am finally making it a reality. I’m pretty sure that every body who is going to read this knows me, so you shouldn’t be surprised to read about blonde moments, or when I exaggerate about something, or just about me being silly, which is really me 90% of the time. 😀

I really look forward to y’all being able to take a closer look into my life, and read about things from my point of view. I get a few common questions such as: “What’s a normal week or weekend for you?” “Are you at home or out of the house most often?” “What things are you involved in down there?” “What are your passions in life?”

I hope to answer all of these questions in these posts.

You will journey through life with me and my family in the ups and downs. You will hear about the pre-event stress, and post-event rest. Lol, that even rhymed! You will read about all kinds of things, but all in all…you will read about me being myself.

Hope you all enjoy!


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