Hey folks!  I’m going to try to post at least once a week, and this week has been packed completely!  On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we had Kristen (Allana’s old roomate) fly in…we had so much fun with her while she was here!

Kristen flew in on Sunday, and Allana and Francis went to pick her up, while the rest of us went to church.  There had been a virus going around, and my mom and Charity had to stay home because they were sick.  After church, I was able to go to Cristel’s house to visit for a while.  I really enjoyed spending some girl time with her. 😛 😀  We came home and cleaned up and rested a bit, which was nice!  Kristen got here later that night.

It was also nice to have this whole week off of school…we really got to rest a lot.  We spent the first three days just resting and hanging out…and on Wednesday we started the Thanksgiving day baking.  We shared many special memories while cooking, it was great!



On Thursday, we had our Thanksgiving meal at around one o’clock.  We were happy to have another american family from here in Honduras with us, Abner and Kelly Arevalo.  Several years ago, we met them in La Ceiba.  They usually came over for Thanksgiving…it was a tradition. 😛 😉  A few years back, they moved to the capital city, and we haven’t seen them very often.  We have not had a Thanksgiving dinner with people besides our immediate family for about 3 years.  We were happy to hear that the Arevelos were to be in town for Thanksgiving, and we really enjoyed our time with them!  I don’t have the picture we took with them before they left…I haven’t got it from Kelly yet.  I do have this selfie that Allana and I took with Kelly.


We had some of the yummiest food ever!  It was really good! 😀 😀 😀  Allana and I sort of had a competition to see who could take the best food pictures, all the while helping each other out by saying things like: “Oooh, that’s cool” or “no way, that filter makes the food look disgusting”.  Haha 😀 😀  Here are a few of them. You can judge for yourselves folks!






We hung out with the Arevalo family until around four, when some other friends of ours showed up: Rebecca and Daniel.  We met them back in 2004, when we first moved to La Ceiba…They were our neighbors.  It had been several years since we’d seen them, and when my mom ran into to Francis (their mom) the other day, she found out that Allana and Rebecca were going to be working together at the same school.  They came over with Daniel’s girlfriend, Dania, and her cousin Daniel.  It was really nice to have them here at the house and see them again.

We had church that night, and we normally leave at around 6, to go into town to church.  Well, it was six o’clock and we still had visitors over, and we hadn’t even gotten changed yet!  That was probably the day I got ready the fastest ever.  It was awesome. Lol. 😀  We all got a group picture outside before they left.


On Friday, we went into town and did some Black Friday shopping.  Just the grocery store was so full that we had to walk from another store to get there!  We were going to check out a store where everything was 50% off, but as soon as we saw the line, we decided to come back another day.  Lol.  We (Francis, Entni, Edurado and I) then went and decorated our Sunday School classroom while Nathaniel had a Bible study in town.

photo 1 (10)
Walking over to the grocery store… 😀



Working on the classroom.

The next day, Mom and Dad took Kristen (Homie) to the airport, and we all miss her! 😦

On Sunday, my parent’s anniversary, we had our presidential elections.  We had to cancel church because in Honduras it is against the law to have a public meeting during elections.  Because they want everyone to vote.  They can’t risk a person “influencing” someone else’s vote.  The guys from the church had planned to play soccer that afternoon, so us girls were stuck at the house.  We played some games for a while, then we had a brilliant idea to go visit with Sis. Tina (the caretaker’s wife) at the campground. Sis. Mavis (my youth pastor’s wife) was there as well as Sis. Maria.  We bought some semitas (coffee cakes) and headed over!



We sat around a few minute drinking coffee and talking about the elections, just like the old women do. 😉 😀 Then, Sis. Maria had the awesome idea to invite us over to her house so we could make and eat baleadas.  Now, for those of you who don’t understand the seriousness of this, let me explain.  A baleada is a typical Honduran meal.  It consists of a flour tortilla with beans and cheese, and you can add basically whatever you want to it. You can add eggs, meat, avocado, and sour cream…it all depends on how you like it.  Well, we had not had baleadas in a long time, even though we had recently been very close to eating some, as you read in the last entry.  It was almost too good to believe! 😀 😀 😀

We got there just as the boys were finishing playing soccer.  They had been playing in the soccer field in front of Sis. Maria’s house.  We went in and started cooking, and it started to rain, and I do mean rain.  You’ve heard of the expression “raining cats and dogs”? Well, this was “raining cows and horses”!  The guys came inside and started a game of Monopoly, which was interesting to watch!  Haha… I didn’t even think about taking pictures until we were leaving, which was too late.  We had a good time, though, and it was lots of fun.  Those had to be the best baleadas I’ve ever had!  😀 😛 😉  We got back home, and talked some more about elections with the family, and hung out together for a bit.

This week, we were also able to get some Christmas decorating in, and we’ve had so much fun doing it!  Also, Mawdy (my grandma) sent each of us kids a special kind of candy we asked for with Kristen.





You may notice in the first picture that Josiah is putting up bamboo poles in our front yard.  We hang lights from them, and it looks really cool, especially at night.  While we were decorating, we (me and mom) thought it would be cool to take the bushy plant out of the middle of the circle, and stick one really long bamboo pole in the middle, to attach lights up to it, kind of like a light gazebo.  It sounds nice enough, right? 😀 😀

Well, the flower pot the plant (a small tree) was in was rather heavy, so we decided to wait until Dad and Nathaniel were back, along with a man from our church (Bro. Leo) to move it.  They decided they could do it.  They tied a couple of boards together to lift it up without crushing all the aloe vera my mom has planted out front and all around the base of this plant.

photo 4 (7)
Well, this happened…
photo 3 (6)
Then, THIS!!!

It was pretty sad, because it was one of my mom’s favorite flower pots, and she’d had it for a while.  But she forgave us all, thankfully! 😉 😉 😛 😛

It was an eventful week, for sure, and the closer we get to the end of the year, the more it seems there is to do!  There are graduations coming up, and that’ll be very interesting for all of us!

Thanks for coming down, Kristen! Thank you Mawdy for the candy!

Thanks again for reading you guys, hope you enjoyed it!

God Bless!

~Sarah Schreckhise~

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