Hey there!  Sorry I haven’t been writing lately.  I’ve been on a technology fast until the first of February.  I made an exception for this post, because I would like to ask you all to join us in prayer for Flor.

About a month ago, my mom got a phone call from the sister of one of the ladies in our church.  She called to ask mom and dad to go and pray for a friend of hers, Flor, that is very sick.  Flor had been to the US, and the doctors thought she had a type of cancer.  She went through the treatment, and yet she was still sick.  They then told her she had another type of cancer, but after going through the treatment, she was still sick.  The doctors eventually gave up, and said they could do no more.  She came back to her home to die, basically.  My parents went to pray for her and to encourage her.  My mom has been back almost every day since, giving most of my family the opportunity to meet Flor.

Recently, Flor has been very discouraged, because everyone tells her she’s getting worse.  She can’t eat, and she’s only alive through intravenous feeding, and everything goes straight through her system.  Today she seemed very discouraged when we were there, and seems to be giving up the fight.  Through a Bible study my parents gave her, she knows she needs the Holy Ghost, and yet, in her weak state it is hard to for her to seek it.  The doctors have left her no hope, and she has been very discouraged lately.  We have been praying and believing God for a miracle, and when we went to see her today she didn’t really respond that much, as she normally does.

I got on here to ask you all to join together with us in prayer for Flor.  Please pray that God would heal her if its His will, but over everything, they He would save her.  She has a 12 year old daughter named Jazlynn, and her husband’s name is Peter.  Please keep them in your prayers also.  A very good friend of hers, Janet, is staying with her and taking care of her.  Also, Mileni (the sister of the lady in our church) is hurting a lot, and she is so close to opening up to the Lord.  We believe that if God heals Flor, it will have a great affect and be a great testimony on many people who surround her.  I know for sure that the fact that we met them is no coincidence.  God has a purpose and a plan through it all.

I would just like to ask you to join us in praying for Flor, Peter, Jazlynn, Janet, and Mileni.  Pray that God’s will will be done their lives.  If you know someone else who can also join in prayer, please spread the word.  I believe that when God’s children’s join together for effectual, fervent prayer, He hears and does the work.  Please make this a matter of prayer, and share with others as well.  We need some prayer warriors willing to intercede…Flor feels ready to give up the fight.  I will continue to post updates, and I believe that God will hear these prayers.

There is victory soon to come here in our churches across Honduras, and that always means there is a great battle going on.  If you haven’t been praying already, please pray for us.  We definitely need it!

I will post again in the first part of February, Lord willing, unless I have more news on Flor.  Thank you all, and God bless!

~Sarah Schreckhise~

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