Bible School – March Session

Hey peeps!  So, the second long awaited blog post is here as well.  Sorry again about how long it took me to get these out.  Camp and Bible School have a lot of work involved, so that means that there is a lot of content for each blog post. I will try to reduce it as much as possible, so that I can get the blog post out quickly.

We enjoyed having Bro. and Sis. Rocky Dunlap and Bro. and Sis. Robert Davis down.  We ladies were especially happy that Sis. Dunlap and Sis. Davis came along.  If there are any ministers planning on coming down, and you’re wondering whether or not to bring your wives, bring them!  We actually got a whole week off from school! 😉 😀 😛

My dad and Nathaniel had a trip to the US in the beginning of March, and they got back to Honduras two days before the start of Bible School.  The morning after they got back, my dad went to San Pedro Sula with my mom to pick the visitors up.  Me and Nathaniel got to act like adults while running errands in town that day. 😉 😛

I don’t know too much about how the sessions went, except the pictures I got off of my dad’s phone.  I did help translate some of the notes, and was wishing I could be there! Good stuff.  I knew it was going to be a great encouragement for the men in our church.  I have heard several different comments from those who were there, and they were greatly affected by the Word of God.

While they were busy with Bible School sessions, we stayed home, and visited some with the ladies.  We got to eat lunch at the campground, and all the meals proved to be delicious.

I have few pictures from the sessions, but there are from my dad’s phone, so I’m not sure which session it was from.  Here they are, though.


Bro. Dunlap and Nathaniel (translating)



We also had an amazing service both on Thursday night and Sunday morning.  Thursday night, Bro. Dunlap preached and was used greatly by God to minister to us.  He talked about how the church was our Shechem, a safe place for our families and friends.

The group of men who attended Bible School.
Bro. Davis and my dad (translating)
Bro. Dunlap and my dad

On Sunday morning, at the joint service, Bro. Davis preached about the time that Abraham was offering sacrifices to the Lord, and buzzards came down to eat the meat, and he had to scare them off.  Bro. Davis was saying that we had to fight off the buzzards that came to steal our sacrifices and offerings to the Lord.  The devil and his demons were like the buzzards.  They can’t take our worship, our holiness, our doctrine, or our other beliefs.  It was what our church needed to hear, and an encouragement to all…especially to me.  A good reminder to hang on to the old ways.  It was definitely God’s will that they both come down.

On Saturday afternoon, after the last session in the morning, we took Bro. and Sis. Davis, and Bro. and Sis. Dunlap sightseeing.  We took them to the swinging bridge, and to the pier.

Bro. and Sis. Dunlap and Bro. and Sis. Davis
Bro. and Sis. Dunlap (with me photobombing) 


Me and Nathaniel went to San Pedro Sula to drop them off on Monday, and enjoyed our time during the trip.  I enjoyed a nice time of conversation with Sis. Davis on the way, and was sad to see them off at the airport.  It was nice to get to know the Bro. and Sis. Davis, and the Dunlaps have always been like adopted grandparents to me.  Me and Nathaniel enjoyed a great time with Father Gilbert, on the way back. 😉 😛 😀  It  seems every time me and Bub travel together, we end up having these really deep conversations.  Lots of visions for young people, church, outreach, and you can basically fill in the blank.

We really enjoyed our time with them while they were here, and I’m looking forward to seeing them in the US in July.

I know this doesn’t have too much information, but I’ve gotten so far behind in my blog posts, because of everything going on here.  I’m just happy that I’m finally getting it out, even if it is 3 months late.  Once again, I am so sorry.

Oh I wish that there were more than
24 hours in a day
I haven’t found it yet but there’s gotta be a way
And I keep praying that
I can get everything done
And still have time for love
And a load of laundry

  • Point of Grace, Love and Laundry

In other news, I have a few other blog posts I meant to do, but won’t have time to, due to my schooling and everything I have to get done before we go to the US this summer.  In March, I turned 18, which is still surprising to me.  As a kid, I was convinced I would never make it to 18, and here it snuck up on me.  I’m thankful to have lived 16 of those 18 years, here in Honduras, being a part of the church that God is building here.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the day.  We had a water fight, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  I really enjoyed it, although I ended upstairs hidden in my bedroom with Cristel, so as not to get wet.  Lol.  I guess it kind of defeats the point of a water fight, eh? 😀

Me and Cristel had so much fun making the backdrop and the picture frame.  I really enjoyed my time together with everybody else.

We got a pool the day before, so (because it was my birthday) the girls had the privilege to get into it first. 😀

We also had Bro. Abner Garcia from Mexico come to visit us for a week, and we really enjoyed getting to know him, and getting to hang out with him.  God used him greatly in ministering to us.  The Word of God boosted our faith, as he preached on Thursday night “Hit Until You Win”.

Also we had our annual Mother’s Day celebration and we had around 60 mothers in attendance, the majority of which are our Sunday School kid’s moms.  This was a great victory for us, because in past years, we’ve had very few mothers come, normally its just kids, and the moms from our church.  We are thankful for the growth that God is giving us.  We have several different doors opening up in new locations, and we are excited.  Just keep us in your prayers.  There is revival in Honduras.

All of the mothers upstairs in the sanctuary with the young people.
The ladies group got my mom a flower arrangement for Mother’s Day.  It was so sweet! ❤ 

Something funny happened during the Mother’s Day celebration in our classroom.  As the moms were getting a tour of each of the classes, they came to ours for a few minutes, and we had a couple games.  The game I was leading has the kids wrap their moms up as presents.  We were only able to use three moms, because of the time. When we had the finished up, I told the groups to unwrap the moms that they had wrapped.  We had had 3 groups of 6 to wrap these moms.  I must add that until this point, our kids had acted like absolute saints.  Lol.  That’s a joke! 😀

As soon as I said to unwrap their moms, ALL the kids (I’m talking EVERY SINGLE ONE of 56) got up and ran to the moms to tear the wrapping paper off, nearly knocking them over in the process.  All of us teachers were trying to get them under control, and there are only 4 of us teachers.  It was a riot, though. Lol. 😀 😛 😉

Mom with all her “kiddos”. 😉 

Happy Mother’s Day again to everyone out there!  Well, all the mothers out there, obviously. 😀  I just want to say how much I love and appreciate my mom.  I’m sure all of us kids don’t say it enough, but I do appreciate her.  I can’t think of anybody I’d rather follow, despite the little clashes we have, lol.  Like mother, like daughter. 😀 I ❤ U, though!  I’m growing up to be like you, too. Glory!

I also have another temporary sibling.  Fabricio (you’ve seen him in some of the pictures from Camp) came to live with us in mid-April.  We have really enjoyed him being here.  He is a riot, and adds a lot of entertainment to our daily lives.  I enjoy getting to see my family grow.  Despite the little “choques” (clashes) we’ve had, we really do all get along great, which is a blessing. 😛 Anybody with siblings knows what I mean. 😀 😉

Thank you for your patience, and for checking the blog to see if anything new is up yet.  I appreciate those of you that don’t lose faith in me, no matter how long I take to post something.  God bless y’all! 😀 😛

I’m looking forward to our trip to the States in July, and I’m looking forward to Heritage!  Can I get an amen? Lol.

We had our Men’s Event two weeks ago, and we had a few baptisms for a few new contacts we have made in La Mosquitia.  My dad and Nathaniel got to go there a few weeks back, and witness to a group of people wanting to know more about the truth.  It was an awesome experience, and I plan on having Nathaniel write a blog post, even though it was a few weeks back.

Over everything, I’m thankful for what God’s doing, and I’m thankful that He’s letting me be a part of it!  We serve a good God.

Related image

God bless, and thanks for reading!

-Sarah Schreckhise-

2 Replies to “Bible School – March Session”

  1. I second the AMEN for Heritage. I am beyond excited for it and looking forward to what God is going to do. I am believing for GREAT GREAT things. I am so excited that Revival is HAPPENING in Honduras. Cant wait to see all of you guys….. Love, Vaca Loca ❤


    1. Can’t wait to see you, as well! I don’t know if it’s the once-a-year thing, but I always look forward to the only conference I get to go to. I especially look forward to seeing everybody I know.

      Love you too!
      ~Sarita 😉


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