No More Shackles, No More Chains, No More Braces, I am Free.

Hello everybody! I’m sorry I’ve posted to blogs within minutes of each other, but this deserves it’s own blog.

I got my braces off today!!!

I’m so excited, especially since this is my third time having braces, and each time I had them for 2 years.  I’ve been more than ready to take them off since before our trip to the US.


I am so thankful to have smooth, straight teeth.

And yes, everybody else is having game night while I’m working on my blog.

While I’m at it, I would like to post about all the cute babies we have at church right now.  We are blessed!

Thanks again for reading, and for being patient with me while I get out my blog posts.

God bless!

Sarah Schreckhise

9 Replies to “No More Shackles, No More Chains, No More Braces, I am Free.”

    1. Thanks! It feels really good having them off, believe me! Meredith definitely has an attitude most of the time, and it doesn’t help that she’s spoiled rotten. Lol. 😂😂 You definitely need to come down and visit. You’re welcome any time!

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    1. Yes ma’am! 😉 I hope you get them off soon! I feel so confident with my food-free smile! Lol. You never know if you have something stuck in your braces, so…It’s nice to know that I don’t have things stuck in my teeth! 😂😂

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  1. I know what you mean- after my first set, my teeth felt super slimy. (I also had a palate expander with the first set.😝) Even now, I’ll get a repositioning done, and the tooth feels so foreign to my mouth!


  2. I bet it does! I well remember getting mine off.-they felt so slippery and foreign.
    I’m sure Meredith wouldn’t have an attitude if you didn’t pinch her so much😉 haha I’ll have to come make it up to her sometime.😜


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