Kid’s Day!

Honduran annual Kid’s Day is September 10th.  We celebrated it in our children’s church on Saturday, and had quite a turn out.  Final count was around 150 kids….sorry for the wrong number I gave some of you. 😀

As many of you know, to pull off a celebration like that, there is much preparation involved.  Since my parents were in the US, this year was slightly more complicated.  Not too much, but just a little more.  For starters, we had fewer helpers than usual.

The plans were made many weeks before; what we were going to eat, what the decorations were going to be, and each class had to plan their games.

On Friday morning we went to run errands in town, and buy all the decorations and prizes.  When we got home, we made the candy bags for the kids…we made 200 bags!

I love this picture, all that sugar!  A whole bag full of chocolate bars:


On Friday night, we went to decorate the classrooms at the church.  Lot of hard work and good helpers!


Downstairs  (7-11 year old Class):

Downstairs (2-6 year old Class):

I didn’t get a picture of Yanci, who was also working, because she wouldn’t let me.  We had so much fun, even though there was lots of work to do!  We left the church at around 9:00 pm, and we ended up getting home close to ten o’clock.  I was exhausted, but ended up getting in bed at around 11.  Needless to say, we were pretty tired.

On Saturday, we left the house at 9:30 am, and headed to the church to finish decorating, and clean everything up.

Me, Francis, Cristel, Ana, and Allana on the way to the church.  I had so much fun with my hair on Saturday. ❤ 😀

Entni was putting up some last minute decorations. Although Fabricio looks like he’s working really hard and helping Entni, he was really just playing with the double-sided tape. This is what he accomplished:

He stuck his phone to the wall with double-sided tape.

We got our games and prizes ready for the day, and then waited for Nathaniel and the lunch to get to the church.

Candy for my saran wrap ball.
Sis. Ingrid and Sis. Zenaida cooking beans for the baleadas.

Here is the finished look in all the classrooms:

Upstairs Sanctuary

Our classroom:

Happy Kid’s Day!

Little kids classroom:

I loved this balloon wall thingy. 😉 😀

After lunch, we had our prayer time for teachers and helpers, and then all the vehicles left to pick up kids.

The rest of us just kinda hung around until the kids came.

Me and my “hermanito” Fabricio. He should be staying with us for the long-term in a few days.

We waited a while outside for the kids to come.  The kids who come walking can come in after 2:30 pm, unless a vehicle with kids gets there first.  We always have a couple kids that get there from around 1:45 pm, and they always wait outside for us to let them in.  I got a picture of Katerin this week at around 2:10 pm.

We started with praise and worship upstairs at 3:00 pm.  All the kids and young people were there except for the 2-6 year old class.


After we finished there, everybody went to their classrooms to celebrate and play games.  We had an awesome time, too!

In the little class, a clown (Josiah) came to visit:


We had a fun time with some funny games in our class…


We played a really fun time playing this game.  Every kids had a spoon in their mouth, and there were 4 teams.  Each kid had a candy placed in their spoon, and they had to take it (in their mouth) to the jar on the chair and drop it in.  They then had to run back and touch the next kid in line, and the first team that finished won.  It got lots of laughs, that’s for sure!

The teachers watching the game.

The only picture I have of the youth class is of their winning team.  They had like 5 different teams between the boys and girls, and each game they would play would give a point to the team that won the round.  The team with the most points at the end won.

IMG_2730 (2)

3 of the 5 cakes we bought.

My great- grandma Dodson gave us some money to buy some fruit for all the kids, so they got an apple.  I just can’t resist these cuties and their smiles!  Too sweet!

I also got this really cute picture of me and Caleb (Bro. Bairon and Sis. Mavis’ son).  I love this boy bunches, and I’m going to miss him and Isaac when they go to Ibans in October!


After all the kids were gone, and after we’d finished cleaning our classroom, we realized that there hadn’t been enough time to finish my game of “Pass the Saran Ball”. We realized that there was still quite a bit of candy wrapped in saran, so the teachers from my class started tossing it around and unwrapping candy.  Pretty soon, more and more teachers and helpers joined in the fun.  It was a blast and we laughed a lot!


Well folks, that was my post for the Kid’s Day celebration this year!

Also today, me and Lydia went matching to church, and got a cute picture together. #sistergoals


I can’t believe that she is almost taller than I am!  That’s crazy!  I used to hold her when she was a baby, and now she’ll be 12 in October.  Where has the time gone?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading!

I am excited that my parents fly in tomorrow, and that they’ll be home on Tuesday.  We’re more than ready to see them!

Hope you’ve all had a great day, and God bless!

Sarah Schreckhise

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