Gardens of the Heart

Our Ladies Event was last week, and Bro. and Sis. Fontanez came down to speak over the weekend.

The Fontanez Family flew in on Thursday and Bro. Fontanez preached our church service that night.

He preached “Lo Barato Siempre Te Sale Caro” (What’s Cheap Will Always Turn Out Expensive), and it was a great message.  It was exactly what we needed to hear…especially the visitors seeking the Holy Ghost.  We had a very special move of God that night.

The next day, we had a very exhausting fun time getting ready for the event, and we forgot to take pictures until we were basically already done. The decorations turned out very cute, and my mom had so much fun decorating a garden theme, since she loves plants.

By the time the event was going to start, we were tired and ready to go to bed, but we were looking forward to our time with the Lord.

That night, Sis. Fontanez “preached” … I’m just kidding!  The Lord used her to speak to us about being careful with what we see, hear, and think.  It was a good reminder to all, not to be so distracted that we lower our self-esteem, and don’t see ourselves as the Lord sees us.  We had a good time of prayer after the lesson was over.  It was so refreshing!

On Saturday, we had several special moments in the morning session.  The pastor’s wives started by sharing the things the Lord had laid on their hearts.

When it was Sis. Isabel’s turn to speak, and she titled her message “I Hear a Strange Sound”, I looked at Cristel and said, “This is going to be good”.  I was more than ready to hear what she had to say.

Sis. Isabel and I have had many a conversation on Intercession and praying in the Spirit.  In every conversation we’ve had, I’ve been encouraged to aim a little higher, and work a little harder.  When she started speaking, she talked about the responsibility of answering God when He calls you to pray.  Through prayer warriors, the Lord shows others how to spread their wings and fly.  After she finished, I felt such an urge to go and pray, but we went on to my mom’s lesson.

My mom talked about the garden of the heart.  Your heart can have fertile soil, and you can take care of the seeds that God plants in your heart.  You can also continue to pluck out things that aren’t pleasing to Him, such as anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, and so on.

Then there is the garden where you don’t put much time into taking care of the seeds the Lord has planted in your life.  You are constantly trying to figure out what’s wrong with other’s gardens, instead of looking out for your own.  You try to act like everything’s right, and put up a bunch of bright, fake flowers.  You have a sign stating that no one is welcome, because there are things you’d rather others not see or know about.

Me and Allana had a fun time of acting out the two gardens:

I think the point got across, and as soon as my mom was done, most everybody was ready to be in the altars praying.  It was a good time to let the Lord search my heart and know my ways.

After I was done with that, and most everybody left the sanctuary to get lunch, there were only a few of us left.  I started feeling such a burden on my heart, and began to pray with a great passion, although I had no idea at the time what I was praying for.  The feeling seemed to spread, and before long, the few of us still in the sanctuary were weeping and travailing, although no one knew why.  It was such a special moment, and it was as if we were rising to the call we heard through what Sis. Isabel had said.

After lunch, we opened up the Sister’s Closet for the ladies to go in.  For those of you who do not know what the Sister’s Closet is: it’s a room we filled with modest clothes that we bought or people donated to our church.  At different events, the ladies bring clothes they are tired of (I think most of us ladies can understand that feeling, eh? ) and change them, piece for piece, for something else they find and like.  Also, those who are just starting in church can bring their old immodest clothes and change them for long skirts and shirts.

So, if anybody has any extra clothes or shoes laying around, now you know what to do with them! 

That evening, Sis. Fontanez did an excellent job of following the Holy Ghost, and speaking to us once again about being careful.  Careful with our modesty and Holiness, and with our tongues!  The Lord used her immensely to speak to us.  We also had a very good prayer service that night.

After service, some of the ladies worked on moving the plants out of the sanctuary for the service on Sunday morning.  The bigger plants required a dolly to move them, which led to this:

We love Sis. Selma!

That night we also stayed up really late with a few of the ladies, laughing at the silly games we were playing.  One including “Zip Bong”… I have so many memories from that game when we’ve played it before (eh, Angela?).  We laughed so hard, and enjoyed eating chili at 11:30 pm.  These are the memories that I’ll never forget! 

Needless to say, it was a little hard to get up the next day, because we were so tired.  We (Francis, Cristel, and I) got up and got showers first thing, because we thought the water was going to go off.  Although we were rushing to get ready, we managed to keep a cheerful attitude, despite the attempts of the devil trying to steal our joy. 

At service that morning, Bro. Fontanez preached “These Are the Best Days”.  It was such an encouraging message, and it reminded me that there is more revival on the way!

We also had 4 receive the Holy Ghost, although I only have pictures of three of them.  What is so exciting is that three of them are from the new church in Ibans.  Thanks to everybody who prayed that God would fill them with the Holy Ghost.

We’re living in the best time, and God’s doing some mighty things!  Aren’t you glad to be a part of the church in this day and time?  God is wanting to reach people, y’all!  Keep praying for those you’ve been praying for…there are too many broken hearts seeking real love these days, love that only God can give.

I’m excited about seeing many new things happening after hearing this message.

Also thankful for the good young people we have down here, and I’m proud of the ways that God is using them.

That night, we went into town to eat with the Fontanez family.

Later that night:

Great daddy material, Bub! 😉 😛


The Fontanez family flew out on Tuesday, so we did sightseeing on Monday.  We went to the swinging bridge, and to the pier.


Sis. Fontanez, Aaron, Levi, Caleb, and Bro. Fontanez

I had met Bro. Fontanez in 2016, but I really loved their family.  I enjoyed the little bit of time I got to spend with the boys, especially seeing Levi finally win a game of Monopoly Empire.  I can’t wait for them to come back! 😀

Some more good news is Fabricio is now living with us long term!  We are so excited!  He makes life so much more interesting.

Fabrishark, Josiah, and me.

Please keep our family in your prayers…we are praying for God’s will on whether or not another young man comes and lives with us.  Pray that if it’s God’s will that he come, that the Lord would intercede in his family situation.

Over all, I’m thankful for the word I heard, and I’m glad that I’m serving God in the last days.  God is good all the time!  I enjoyed the Fontanez family visiting us, and hope they come back! 😀

Thanks for reading my blog and have a blessed day!

Sarah Schreckhise






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