I Hear a Strange Sound

Hello everybody!  I hope that you all had an awesome day.  I want to share something very special that happened on Saturday night.

While coming back from children’s church on Saturday night, a situation presented itself in the van.  When I found out about it, I was furious…because it had something to do with one of my “adopted” siblings.  I was tired of the way the devil was messing with this person.  I started praying against that spirit in the van, and I was silently crying and talking in tongues.  There were also others praying in the van.

When we got home, we kinda calmed down a little, and then went inside to eat supper.  However, Nathaniel also felt a war going on, and as soon as we got home went to the back yard, and fought with the devil for a while.  After feeling something break, he came back inside.

We were then able to go to the campground and see some friends of our we hadn’t seen in a really long time.  Sis. Candida, Tiffany, Andrea, and Cristal.  We were so happy to see them again, since we hadn’t seen them in like 4 years.

Upon arriving back at the house, we played soccer in the front yard for a while, well, until like ten o’clock.  It was really late, so people started to line up for showers.  You have to take a number to take a shower here, because of how many of us there are. 😀 😛 😉  So while the others were taking showers (I happened to be the last in line) I was downstairs talking with Nathaniel, Fabricio, and Nicolas.

We started to talk about the things we’d been feeling in prayer recently.  We started to talk about the wars against our family, both biological and “adopted”.  While talking, I told them about the experience of intercession we had at the ladies event, and Nathaniel told us about the battle he fought in our backyard.  Fabricio also said that he had been feeling like he’d been fighting a lot in the spirit recently.

While talking about these things, somebody mentioned a burden he felt, and in that moment, the burden fell down on the rest of us sitting there.  We had been planning to get up in the morning and have a prayer meeting, but in that moment I looked at Nathaniel and said, “Why don’t we pray right now?”  So I called up the girls to get dressed again and come downstairs to pray, because we felt a burden.

As soon as we started praying (this was at 10:30 pm, mind you…it was already late) something so powerful descended.  At first, the burden seemed to spread to all those who were praying, and you could hear the cries of intercession.  After a while, almost instantly, we could feel a change in the atmosphere, and we started praising God for the victory.

What happened next is something I’ll never forget.  We continued praying and praising God, and we were there until about 12:45 am, drunk in the Spirit, and laughing our heads off.  God is so good!

While I know there is a war going on, God is on our side, and with Him we have the majority!  Please keep our family in your prayers more than ever before.  There is a lot going on, but I believe that the prayer of intercession made on Saturday night broke something loose.

On Sunday morning, we got up ready for revival in our church service, and upon arriving at the church were more than ready to see great things happen.  At first, we felt a spiritual war going on, but after the battle at the beginning, young people began to get renewed in the Holy Ghost.  There were several who had not been renewed in a long time speaking in tongues.

Also, Fabricio led testimony service…I’m so proud of my “hermanito”

I am so glad that God answers our prayers.  I have been praying for so many weeks that God would show me amazing things, and I believe that this was just the start.

While praying, I felt that it was something so much bigger than just us.  I felt like there were others interceding, as well.  I called Sis. Isabel today, and she told me that she was praying at the same that we were, and I believe that as time goes by, we are going to hear of more people that were interceding, as well.

I believe that this is going to be the start of some great testimony blogs!  I hear a strange sound…the sound of rain coming.  Right now, the lyrics of a song we sang a couple of years ago at Heritage comes to my mind.  Well, at least part of it.

There’s a storm a brewing, there’s the sound of rain

When the thunder’s rumbling ‘cross the thirsty plain

Let the drought be over, if we just believe

That the rains are coming

Let it rain on me

There’s rain that’s coming for all of Pentecost in these last days.  This generation is going to see things others have never seen before, but that also means we’re going to fight battles that have never been fought.

I’m so tired of the devil poking and jabbing wherever he wants, it’s time to stand up to him, and claim God’s promises.  I believe we’re going to see backsliders return, and their testimony will be even greater, as well as their desire to serve God.

I know this may seem random to some of you, but I want to glorify God for each and everything He does for me.  This is the first of many testimonies that will be heard!

Thanks for taking time to read my blog, and hopefully this is an encouragement to somebody to go pray or something.  God is going to show us some amazing things, y’all!

Thanks for reading, and God bless!

Sarah Schreckhise




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