October Revised

Last month we had three birthdays: Lydia’s, Allana’s, and my mom’s.  We had lots of fun, on each of these days.

On the 11th, (Lydia’s birthday) we went into town and played soccer at the park, ate lunch, and just hung out together.  Her real party was Friday night, when a few girls from church came over for a sleepover.  I’d say we all had fun on Friday. 😀

Allana’s birthday was the 22nd, and she didn’t have to work that day, so we were able to hang out together, and have lots of fun.

For my mom’s birthday, we had so much fun.  Her birthday was on a Sunday, but we celebrated it on a Monday.  On Sunday night, after mom went upstairs to sleep, all of us kids worked frantically to get the house clean, and decorated for the next day.  We had a fun scavenger hunt for my mom, and led to some crazy places to look for it.  The boys made the clues, and found the places, and we wrote sweet notes that she would find at each place, and that would eventually lead her to a box full of notes from her kids.

My mom had a lot of fun looking for the notes, and we had a lot of fun following her around, and laughing at her trying to find the notes.   All in all, we had an awesome day together.

There have been many things going on…we have had some amazing services where God has graced us with His presence in a very special way.  We have had some visitors, and new souls coming to church.  God has been tuning up His church, and removing things that aren’t right, and getting us ready for revival.

We have been super busy, hence the lack of blog posts, but hopefully I’ll have more time from now on…just don’t keep your fingers crossed. 😀 😛

On Wednesday, my mom flew out to the US to help my grandma.  Please keep my grandpa (who had to have another surgery today) and my great-grandma (who had a stroke a couple weeks back) in your prayers.  Also keep my mom and grandma in your prayers, that God would strengthen them.

Thanks for reading, and for waiting patiently for me to get another blog post out.  I hope you enjoyed the one about where I live, I really enjoyed writing it. 🙂

Hope you all have a blessed day!

Sarah Schreckhise

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