Revival Week

We are in revival y’all! God does His part when we do our part. This past week was our youth group’s “Revival Week”, and we worked hard all week! We did something everyday to help spread revival.

Day 1:

We started out with morning prayer at the church, and then spent the day cleaning the church.

Morning prayer
Me, Roxana, Marta, Debbie, and Dinia
Sis. Olga
Entni, Nathaniel, and Jose
Clarence, Fabricio, Brayan, and Yonny
Allana and Yanci

We stopped to eat lunch and then continued shortly there after.

We worked until around 5:00 p.m., where we made our way home thoroughly exhausted. 🤣

Day 2:

When we woke up, it was pouring rain, and I do mean POURING!!

We started off the day with morning prayer at the church, and I think everybody was cold while we prayed. Our plan for that day was to go evangelizing in one of the local neighborhoods (Miramar…this is the neighborhood where Darcy’s family lives). Every time we go to this neighborhood, you can feel the spiritual strongholds. Satan is definitely standing right in the middle of that place, but I never feel fear, knowing that “Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world”. I was looking forward to going to evangelize, but frankly, we weren’t able to do too much because of the fact that it was raining. We were able to drive down each street in Miramar praying for each and every house.

While driving downtown, we went by the ocean, and there were some CRAZY big waves.

At this point, we weren’t necessarily feeling like we were a part of this great revival (it being revival week and all), but we hoped that the next day would prove to be more effective.

Day 3:

We woke up and it was raining. AGAIN. We were a little disappointed thinking that it would push our plans back even further. The youth from town came out to our house and we had prayer that morning.

I’d say there was a good spirit throughout it all. Our youth leader talked to us about “Going Forth with Boldness” and it seemed to get everybody in the mood to go out and evangelize! It was still raining when he was done speaking, and he said “well, we can hang around for a few minutes, and see if the rain clears up some so we can go out.” There was a moment of silence, and then I seemed to voice what everybody was thinking: “why can’t we go out now? In the rain? Everybody brought their jackets!” Nathaniel said, “well, if y’all are willing…let’s go!”

So we ended up going out around our community praying for each house, and we went and prayed for a lady who has cancer, and made contact with a new family there. One of my favorite things about that walk around here is that we walked right past the main witch’s house here. Many young people felt something change in the atmosphere while passing by there, although none of us knew where it was. I felt such a desire to weep for those who are lost. I could understand better why I felt that once they told me we had gone right by her house.

We got back to the house and enjoyed a warm cup of chai that my mom made for us while we were gone. 😋

We played games and talked until about 12:00 p.m. when the young people from town made their way home, while the rest of us got ready for a house service we were having later that afternoon (in town).

I was able to catch a short nap on the living room chair…glory to God!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 (It seems that going to bed late and getting up at 5:30 a.m. is exhausting!! 🤣)

We headed in to town and had an awesome house service. God was so good and Pati (the lady we went to visit) was touched and broken in God’s presence. We were so thankful for the Lord’s presence!

Day 4:

WARNING: this is the longest day we had!!

We woke up and it was a little cold, but thankfully it wasn’t raining! We made our way to church to have morning prayer.

After prayer, we went out evangelizing in the church neighborhood. Now, we’d done this before, but I think this time was the most effective. We had several people interested and several said they would come to church that night. We were hot and tired, but looking forward to an amazing service that night.

We then went to clean up the church for service that night.

We all went home to get ready for church. (All the youth fasted Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so we knew something big was going to happen because of that, too!) We got ready for church and headed into town early to get the church warmed up with prayer. You should’ve heard those young people in the van. Shouting threats at the devil, and singing at the top of their lungs. Even if it was off-key, it was one of the most beautiful sounds I’ve heard. Needless to say, we were all expecting something big to happen!

When it was service time, we had 2 visitors that we had invited that afternoon there, as well as Cristel and Nicolas’ grandma who hadn’t been in some time. I’m telling you…our youth group was floating, and there wasn’t anybody bringing us back to earth. It’s just so exciting when you work so hard toward revival and you see God began to answer prayers and touch people’s hearts! 🙏🏼

We had an absolutely amazing service, there’s no denying that. God is soooo good!

As many of you know, when God does something good, the devil gets stirred up. I think he has more faith than we do sometimes…because he starts working against us before we even see God do anything.

We left the service with our head held high (trusting in our God who answers prayers)! We joked in the van on the way home about getting there, eating, and going to sleep, because we had to get up early the next day.

Well…upon pulling into the drive way and parking next to the garage, we noticed something strange: a package of tortillas on the floor under the door. Obviously not left there by us, it looked suspicious. Upon opening the door, and going inside…we quickly found out that someone had been in our house. The side door was standing wide open, and all the lights were on upstairs. We ran up and saw that they had ransacked the place, and stolen basically all of our electronics. All the laptops, and all the phones, and my dad’s iPad. Lots of stuff missing. They even stole some of Allana’s clothes and body spray! The stole Charity’s church clothes, and some other stuff.

It was obviously a big shock to all of us, and kinda hit us like a bucket of cold water, but one of the first things said was when Allana said, “devil, you’re a liar”. 🤥 That reminded all of us of our priorities…God is still good, and He’s still in control! No matter what.

We ended up calling the police to come, and sadly to say one of the ones who came seems to be good friends with the people we’re suspecting…so he was of no help.

The police coming

We have gone further (legally) this time, since it’s the 4th time this has happened to us. Just please help us pray that God would give grace to those working the case, and that God would help those who are guilty to fall. That they wouldn’t be able to reset everything and that we’d be able to trace our stuff. The things are not that important to us…it is God’s stuff, after all. It’s the old pictures and important information that needs to be gotten back if possible. I know and trust that God is in control, and He will work this out. I just want to ask you all to join us in prayer that justice would prevail in this case, and that God would give us all peace, but that God would take vengeance on those who did what was wrong.

We feel that this time was a more personal attack on us, since they stepped all over my dad’s old study Bible, and ripped pages out of one of my mom’s old Bibles. We feel that it was like a slap in the face to both us and God. A defying act in their behalf. So just please help us pray.

We ended up getting in bed really late that night (er…early that morning😜.)

Day 5:

We woke up kinda exhausted, but with our faith still high despite everything that had happened the night before. We had prayer at the church that morning,

and afterwards went out to visit the parents on our children’s church bus route in town. Our purpose for the visit was to inform them that the next day would be our last CC class for this year, and to invite them to church on Sunday.

I’d say it was a good visit everywhere we went, and many parents made plans to be there on Sunday. You know how many people tell you they’ll be there, just to get you off their backs…but we just kept our faith high, and believed that something great was going to happen.

That afternoon, we cleaned the church again and decorated our classrooms for our Christmas party the next day. We were all dog tired by the end of that day as well! 😓

That was the end of our “Revival Week”, but certainly not the end of revival! The next day we had our annual Children’s Church Christmas party, and we had an amazing turnout, and lots of fun with our kids. If I get a chance, I plan to blog on that, too! 😉. We had an awesome time on Saturday, despite our weariness! 😂

On Sunday, we had a service that’ll go down in history! We had 22 visitors, and at least 12 of them were first time! During the service, it seemed every time I looked back, there’d be even more people. There was one lady that was really close to getting the Holy Ghost! There are several (if not all) that I think will definitely come back. As a youth group, we were so excited to see this happen.

It was as if God was saying…”I’ve got this! Don’t you worry about it, it’s under My control”. I’m so thankful that I serve a God I can just hand it all over to and trust He knows what’s best…because He does!! 🙌🏻

What about you? What are you doing to see revival in your life, church, youth group, job, etc.? Revival doesn’t only happen on the mission field…God gives revival to anyone and everyone who wants it. You don’t only need to want it; you have to work toward it…to do your part to see it happen. I’m sure that we’re going to continue to see visitors and start to see people getting the HG, and I’m excited!! I can’t wait to hear all y’all’s testimonies of the revival you’re experiencing, as well! Feel free to comment when something amazing happens, and don’t be shy to step out of your comfort zone and talk to someone about Jesus.

As I learned many a time while out evangelizing…sometimes those that we think won’t be interested at all, are the ones who are crying out the most.

The world says: Come!!

Jesus says: Go!!

Hell is saying: Please go!!

The unbelievers are saying: We can’t go!

Caleb and the believers are saying: Let’s go quickly!!

(That is from a message on evangelism my dad preached recently. 👆🏼)

Well, this is what’s been going on around here. Hope you enjoyed hearing from me again, after I’ve been quiet for so long. 🤣 Also, since I don’t have a laptop to work on anymore, it’ll probably take me a little longer to get blog posts out.

Keep us in your prayers, and especially this case. Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day!

Sarah Schreckhise

5 Replies to “Revival Week”

  1. Sarah, this post…UGH! haha I was laughing and crying all at the same time. It really made me want to be there with you all. I am SO excited about what God is doing; I can’t think about it without getting tears in my eyes. Truly the harvest is plenteous! This is such a wonderful time to be a part of God’s kingdom…then again, I can’t think of a bad time. 😉
    It looks like y’all had a wonderful week, all things considered. I’m looking forward to hearing more about what God is doing soon. Someday, Lord willing, I’ll visit and we can work together on winning some more of this beautiful country to Christ.
    Love you lots, sis!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your blog came across as i am reading some friends blogs and i really can’t leave your blog without writing a comment on it, and i’m writing from the a third world country where a strong Apostolic church has been built.
    I could feel you with your post.
    and it was amazing and encouraging to read stories of how revival goes in each of the country.
    Honduras and my country has a lot of similarities somehow:)
    ’till our paths crosses;)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks as well,
        hopefully to read your previous post too when got some free time.:)
        I think we have met already your brother Nathaniel down here in the Philippines.
        and hopefully to have you here as well in the near future 🙂
        God Bless!

        Liked by 1 person

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