You can find these goal hashtags all over the internet. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook…you name it! There’s #bestiegoals, #couplegoals, #squadgoals, and just #goals!

(Personally, I think that Blondes with Blogs are goals. 🤣)

Me and Maddi both named our posts “#Goals”, and it was not planned. We’re just that cool. 😜 We individually named them that, and while FaceTiming once, we found out we had the same names and chose to leave them like that for fun.

All kidding aside, though. You see and hear about goals all over the place, but what are goals?

We’ve started a new year, and as the saying goes: New Year, New Me. People tend to make resolutions that they never go through with. On the first service of the year, we wrote down our spiritual resolutions for this year. I believe that with God’s help I’ll be able to complete these goals.

What is a goal?

goal (gōl) n. The purpose toward which effort is directed; an objective.

So basically a goal is an objective that we put our effort towards. Our goals are what we work towards in life.

To start off this blog post, I’d like to share 3 of my life goals. First and foremost, my number 1 goal is to hear Jesus say: “Well done, my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.” If I can only hear those words, nothing else matters to me.

Another goal in my life is to be involved in ministry. As a missionary’s kid, I’ve grown up with the desire in my heart to be a pastor’s wife someday. I want to be involved in ministry, and I try to do what I can to reach those around me who are lost.

My other life goal is to be a wife and mommy. I want to have lots of kids and raise them right, despite the crazy world we live in now. I want to have a family that’ll start a change and kids who will stand out as different (since I’ve had a pretty good example from my parents).

What are your goals?

I find it sad how many young people put their focus on a good job, higher education, and their personal goals before even taking into consideration what God wants them to do. The mentality that I’ve run into a lot is: “I’ll get my ducks in a row, and once I have my house and car, and everything going for me, I’ll be able to serve God better.” Wrong!

This has been a family debate subject for quite a while now. My mom likes to ask people questions that make them ponder. Especially young people! So if you come down, just get ready! 😜😂

There are a lot of different opinions about education and goals. What I find sad is the lack of the calling of God on people’s lives anymore. So many young people get so distracted that they fail to hear God call them in the business of their lives.

I’m personally not against further education, or against getting an awesome paying job. God chooses people He decides to bless that way. He blesses others by allowing them to be in full-time ministry, working in advancing His kingdom. I wouldn’t trade being a missionary’s daughter (and still being in school 🙄) for having a high paying job or being rich.

I think that those things are awesome, and in fact would enjoy studying Counseling…if it’s God’s will for my life. I think the most important thing about goals is to get our priorities right. God must come before everything else in our lives.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:33 KJV

The main goal in our life should be to serve God and to follow through with the calling He’s given us. What is your calling?

“For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Matthew 22:14 KJV

Those of us who call ourselves Christians should follow Christ’s example. What has he called us to do? Well, He said that anyone who wants to be His disciple needs to deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Him.

Are we willing to take up our cross? Denying ourself isn’t easy. When we deny ourself, we leave behind our earthly goals to pursue the goals that God gives us.

Jesus Christ had a main goal when He became flesh and dwelled amongst humanity: to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10.) I think that as Christians, we should latch on to the goal that God has. Goals are awesome, as long as they’re within God’s purpose for your life.

Goals occupy such a large part in our lives. Without goals, we’d be wandering around aimlessly in life.

Ultimately, goals are amazing things to have, we just need to make sure they’re in line with what God wants. A good way to know whether or not it’s God’s will is to read your Bible and listen to your Pastor’s advice. If it’s against the Bible’s principles, it’s NOT God’s will. If you have to disobey your pastor’s voice, it’s NOT God’s will.

I hope you enjoyed yet another blog in the Blondes with Blogs series. Go check out Maddi’s and Lauren’s blogs, too! Sorry if this blog post content seems random. I’ve had no writing inspiration! 😩

Sorry it took so long to get this blog out. Thanks for being patient with me, I have been super busy, because we have our camp meeting coming up in a couple of weeks, and we have another revival week starting on Monday. We’re about t have another young man move in with us, and we also have a young lady from California visiting right now. We’ve just been super busy. I will do my best to blog again soon, just keep on waiting a little longer, y’all!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

23 Replies to “#GOALS {tBwB}”

  1. Despite the last-minuteness (If that’s even a word😆), I think you did great on your post! It made me think and evaluate my current life. Thank you for writing this and being a part our group! Love you!💕 Also, I love deep questions, so your mom shouldn’t be a problem.😉😂

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  2. I loved this post, Sarah! It’s thought provoking and deeper than surface-level goals. We all ought to listen carefully for the voice of God before and as we engage in life’s pursuits! So, so important.
    Also, I think I’ll enjoy mom’s questions, but I appreciate the heads-up. 😂 I love discussions that dig in deep!

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      1. Ok so I just want to say, I really enjoy this blog. Its so cool to be able to hear your perspective on life and doing the will of God. I’m realizing “Wow! They are people just like me! 😂” You and your family are so relatable and down to earth. Its so cool to have a front row seat to everything that going on in Honduras through this blog. I also think its awesome you guys listen to Adventures in Odyssey!!! This blog is really thought provoking. A great balance of light exposition and deep discourse. I always enjoy going through your posts. Thanks for what you do for God in Honduras and on this blog. I pray for you guys often. Our church prays for you guys every Teusday night at our Family prayer. I anticipate seeing and talking to you guys this summer at HYC! Keep up the good work and God bless!

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      2. First of all, thanks for reading the blog! I’m glad you enjoy it. We are most definitely just like everybody else, except maybe a little crazier! 🤣😜 I think anybody who claims to be Apostolic should listen to AIO. Thank you for the prayers, we definitely need them! 🙏🏼 We’re looking forward to Heritage. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do this year! Once again, thanks for reading, and God bless!

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  3. Hey Sarah!!! It’s Mary Ginty from AZ!!! I didn’t realize you had a blog, I need to make a new blog list and add you to it! Does your mom still have her blog as well? Does Allana? So what was the question that your family likes to debate, I think I kinda missed it!!! 🙂 I love thought provoking questions as well!!! LOL

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    1. Hey Mary!! Allana still has her blog, but she hasn’t written on it in several years. Lol 🤣 My mom also has hers, but hasn’t written in a long time. The question we debate about a lot, or talk about a lot is whether or not to pursue higher education and a better job. Our argument is that it’s not bad to pursue higher education or a better job…as long as it’s God’s will! So many people just do it to have a better life, but sometimes it’s not even God’s will! So, instead of studying in college “”just because”, we think it should be after prayerful consideration, and your pastor should be in agreement. That’s one of the things we debate about among many. lol 🤣
      Thanks for reading! 😉


    1. Well, that’s hard question to answer. I think the one I listen to the most (basically pick first every time I go to listen to one) is “Monty’s Christmas”. I really like the Novacom series, too, though! What about yours?


      1. Well, I wpuld say it definitelt depends on the genre of story, but probably my number one is either “B-TV: Envy” or “Hidden in My Heart”. Although I really enjoy the mystery/suspense episodes as well (Novacom/Blackgard/ Green Ring, etc). I hate that they made an episode on the trinity though! They’re usually pretty good on most topics, but that episode is utterly ridiculous.

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  4. Very thought provoking! I love discussions that make me really think. BTW I go to Pastor Howard’s church with Lauren, Ashlynn, etc. 😉
    I definitely agree that you should take time and pray and fast over dreams/goals in life. I have recently had to let go of a dream of mine because I discovered it wasn’t Gods will for me to achieve it. I love reading yours, Lauren’s and Maddi’s blogs! Thank you for the work y’all do in Hondorous! Like Jeremy said our church prays for y’all at our family prayer every Tuesday.

    @Jeremy I agree that the episode on the Trinity is a ridiculous.

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog, Renea. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your prayers, they are definitely needed! 🙌🏼 It’s always worth it to let go of our dreams so we can gain God’s dreams. I have experienced this many times in my life.


  5. I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to the Trinity episode…I didn’t think my family would appreciate me ranting about the stupidity of it…🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂 I do love the mystery ones the best…😄

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    1. I love the mysteries! I haven’t listened to the Trinity one yet, but I’ve heard it is ridiculous. I’ve heard people say that the whole thing is about how faith is a mystery (I don’t like that kind of mystery, btw 😜🤣) and we have to trust.

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  6. The Trinity odyssey contradicts itself. They say there is one God then the next scene they say no there’s three of them! Whaaat??? AIO go read Deut 6:4 😏😑😞🤦‍♀️

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  7. So…I know this is kind of late…but..

    I just wanted to say what a phenomenal job you are doing with your writing, Sarah! I can see such a difference already even from when you started. So happy and proud of you!

    Also, this was a wonderfully written well thought out post. Thank you!

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