Things as of Late

This blog post was originally written for the end of May, so enjoy it as if you had actually read it then. Lol

There are a few things that have been going on recently that I haven’t been blogging about. We have been super busy, which should be easy to believe. Haha. Here are a few highlights of the last few days:

  • The Connell family FINALLY came to Honduras!!

Now, you must understand how important that has been for us! Jenn has come down several times (around 3, I think), and we’ve always enjoyed it, and have even written songs and put together a call to missions for the youth of the US. Having Rev. Jennifer Connell has always been a blessing to our ministry, but having the whole family was really the cherry on top. If you know their family at all, then you probably know that funny situations seem to follow them around (at least from what I’ve heard).

We had so much fun while they were here! I had met Paul at Heritage a couple of years ago, but I had only seen Bro. and Sis. Connell over FaceTime. I really enjoyed getting to know them better.

The day they flew in, we woke up early and me, Shark (Fabricio), Francis and Dad made our way to San Pedro to pick them up. (Side note: we have been having some protests from our teachers and doctors in the country as a result of some of the changes the president is making.) As a result of the protests, my dad was afraid to go all the way to Sps (2 1/2 hours away) because they had been taking the main bridges, and he was afraid we’d get stuck over there. We ended up stopping at the airport in Ceiba, and purchasing tickets for them to fly from San Pedro later that day. What can I say? We got up early for nothing! I take that back…I mean, we ate a baleada (when we forgot it was fast day) and that made up for it. Anyways, we picked them up later that afternoon in the Ceiba airport.

Crazy PKs!!

Once we got to the house, and they started unpacking sweets. Peeps, Reese’s, Skittles, and Sour Patches. In a little while Charity came upstairs, sent by Bro. Connell to get some sort of noise machine. We soon found out it was actually a fart (well toot, because we don’t really use that word) machine. If you know our family at all, you can imagine the looks of pure glee on our faces! Haha. We were so excited….it even had a remote control!

We had our first chance to use it when we went up the river on Friday morning to visit the swinging bridge. We put it on Fabricio and I had the remote (nicely hidden, I might add, but easily accessible). Upon arriving to our destination, there were some policemen who were there and started to talk to my dad, asking if we were Jehovah’s Witness (Lord, no!) Fabricio was in the back of the van, and so when he finally got out of the van he jumped to the ground. Upon landing on the ground, I set off the machine with a loud toot, making his arrival very obvious, and hard to miss. Lol He quickly turned to me shocked and slightly embarrassed (#veggietalesreferencehairbrushsong) and said “Sarah, don’t use it yet!” Haha…as if I would pass up a golden opportunity like that one! He then went inside where my dad was paying to cross the bridge, and asked where the bathroom was (I set it off right after he asked the question). We all busted out laughing and my dad (who was in on the whole thing) turned to him and said “Ay, muchacho!” Haha. It was priceless.

When we went to the mall on Friday afternoon, we took it in with us, and went into some of the quieter stores and set it off. I think all of us got some weird looks using that thing! Haha.

We took it with us Friday night for the youth meeting, and got quite a few weird looks in the car, and while we were greeting people. I think the weirdest look that night was when Bro. Connell came to shake Francis’ hand and we set it off. She had a look of pure shock on her face, as she stared at him in disbelief! He looked innocent enough, and she didn’t know what to think or believe.

For our youth meeting on Friday night, we were privileged to have Jennifer teach the girls, and Paul teach the guys. Me and Josiah had the responsibility joy of translating. 😛 It was a first time experience for both of us, but we enjoyed it! While Jenn was teaching, we heard the boys begin to pray downstairs. I thought “surely Paul isn’t done already!”…but it turns out he was! A few minutes later Jenn started wrapping it up, and the girls started to pray…and I mean really pray. Me and Jenn were standing behind the pulpit praying when we heard masculine voices added to our own. I opened my eyes just a sliver, and saw all the boys coming up the stairs into the sanctuary. Me and Jenn quickly stepped away from the pulpit and began to pray with the other girls. When the boys joined in prayer the house shook, and there was such a mighty move of God. We prayed for quite a while, and the Lord really visited us. It was such a privilege for our youth to hear from Jennifer and Paul.

On Saturday we had a really good time in Children’s church, and God really visited us. After we finished, all the kids were kept entertained by Paul’s magic tricks, which caused various reactions in kids, youth, and adults alike.

We also had the toot machine out, making the young ladies laugh at the boys, thinking them to be “cochinos” (or dirty pigs). 😀 It was quite funny to watch their faces when they realized it was just a machine. We had girls in our youth class blaming each other, and glaring at each other when they heard it go off. (I had stuck it under a table in my backpack and would set it off at random times.) After I explained what it was, they thought it hilarious, and wanted to try it out themselves. 😀 😉 We returned to the house late that night; dog-tired, I might add (lol.)

We had to get up early the next morning to go to Olanchito (Bro. Adan’s church, about 1 1/2 hours away) for a joint service in their new church building. We had intended to go on the bus to prank people with the toot machine (the main target being: Bro. Leo, our bus driver, who is also the biggest prankster in the church), but were told that we wouldn’t be able to. I think the next morning everybody was glad that we didn’t go in the bus, because there were around 80 people inside, and the youth were standing up, and there was no AC! It felt like an oven in there! We had a few people on our van, and dad let a few more young people from the bus come, as well as Sis. Ada (whom we immediately named our prank target) and her three little girls.

Paul used the machine again that day, and I yet again had the control. For an hour and a half, (all the way to Olanchito) we had Ada convinced that Paul had some major stomach problems! She was genuinely worried about him, and even suggested he buy a pill at the gas station and take it, so that his guts didn’t explode! Haha. It was great, and all the young people who knew about the machine played right along. Paul’s line during the whole thing was “Lo siento, mi estomago esta muy mal…” It was too perfect. At some point, Ada noticed Jen sitting up front, seeming not to be affected at all by it. She finally looked at me and said “Sarah, he must do this a lot, because she seems used to it!”  Jen heard Ada and started laughing, and told her that she was indeed used to it. We finally gave the secret away after leading her on for 1 1/2 hours. As we turned off the main road and down the dirt road, a few blocks from the church, I pressed down on the button and didn’t let go. All you could hear was “putter putter….ratatatat…POOT…putter”, something like that, anyways, and it went on without stopping for about 20 secs. Ada looked at me with a shocked look on her face and said “Good Lord! There’s no way his insides can handle all that pressure! He’s going to explode!” We finally showed her the remote control and machine, and she was amazed at how she’d been duped by us. I’d have to say that over all, that was the best reaction we got out of anybody, though!

When we got to the church in Olanchito, the electricity was off. As you can probably see in the picture, it is a large building. Without a microphone, it was a little difficult to translate, not to mention the incredible May heat! We had an awesome service though, and there were several visitors (even from Ceiba) who felt a really good touch of God!


After service, we enjoyed a good time of food and fellowship, and using the toot machine (obviously). We got quite a few weird looks there, as well! On the way home, we thought we’d die from the heat in that small, full, stuffy van…but we made it in one piece (without melting), thankfully! Haha.

We stayed up pretty late on Sunday night, sitting around the table talking. If I remember right, it was after eleven that my dad took Bro. and Sis. Connell to their cabin. The next morning, they left for the mountains, and I didn’t see them again; they flew out the next Wednesday.

Over all, their trip was fun and memorable. I’m sure I’m forgetting more stuff that we did, but those were the main highlights. If I missed anything, you can correct me, Jen. lol

  • Lauren’s Birthday & Whistle Britches in Tulsa

In case y’all didn’t know, my good friend Lauren, had a birthday recently (May 4th, to be exact). My brother went up to surprise her…although it turned out not to be too much of a surprise. 😀 Lauren just has a knack for finding things out!

Whistle Britches aka Nathaniel was overjoyed to be in Tulsa. Can anybody guess why?? If you already know, it doesn’t count! I finally got the ok to talk about it, after I’ve kept it quiet for so long (but somehow lots of people still found out about it.) Nathaniel and Lauren Bundy are talking…and have been talking since last year after Heritage. We’ve all been so excited, and it’s been extra cool for me, being so close to both her and Bub! This was his first trip up to see her, and they finally got some pictures together (and I’m not talking about the photoshopped ones that Lauren made). Lol.  I think they had way too much fun together…especially since I wasn’t there!

I’ll add a couple of pictures in, so that y’all can enjoy the cuteness, too!

  • Josiah’s Birthday

Y’all, my baby brother just turned 16! (On May 8th.) I have so many memories about him. 😀 Good and not so good! When he was younger, I would carry him around and push him around (inside the house) in a stroller, and show him off to the imaginary mothers in the room with me at the time. Haha Also, I loved to put him to sleep as a baby. My mom tells about a time when she heard Josiah cry, and then go quiet, and squeal again, and go quiet after a little while. She finally got curious as to what was going on, so she went to peek at his crib. She saw me rubbing him, and putting him to sleep..she thought “oh, that’s sweet!” After he was quiet, she saw me reach out and pinch him really hard until he started squealing again. I just loved to put him to sleep…I loved it a little too much! Lol

Josiah has grown up an incredible amount, and has matured into a godly young man. I am super proud of the person he’s becoming, and hope to be more like him. He is always so willing to help, even when I’m grumpy! Haha He is a kid magnet, and I can see why there are so many girls vying for his attention. Lol. 😛 😉 To say the least, I am super proud of him!

  • Mother’s Day

This year we had a great time at our Mother’s Day celebration. We had 61 mothers, and several kids and young people, making the total 185! It was a pretty large crowd; please help us pray that the mothers who came would start coming to church. We felt so tired during the whole thing, and on Sunday morning, it was really quiet during prayer. 😀

We started the preparations quite a bit before the actual celebration (like we do every year), and that included cooking the chicken for chicken tacos. I spent all Thursday morning in town, and didn’t get back until around noon. I had just sat down to eat lunch when I got a call that I needed to run up to the road and pick up Ana, who had come on the bus to help me make the tacos. We ended up working on the tacos up until 30 minutes before we needed to walk out the door for church. Needless to say, we were pretty tired when we got to church that night. We had an amazing service, though. God really visited us!

On Friday, all day we were working on chicken tacos again, and my mom was working on the decorations. We went to the church that night to clean and decorate. We ended up leaving the church to head home at 10:00 p.m. and we were exhausted! We had to get up early the next morning to go to the campground to make some chismol (which is kinda like Pico de Gallo, without jalapeños), and we got up at 6:30 a.m. On Saturday. That should say enough. Lol I think the only perk I enjoyed was driving the girls over to the campground…because I definitely didn’t enjoy cutting onions that morning. Haha.

We got back to the house about an hour before we needed to head into town and finish getting everything ready. Upon arriving back home, my mom informed me that she needed a table from the campground, and that we need to pay the seamstress. So I jumped back in the car (this time with Shark) and we headed over to the campground. We got back just in time to get ready to leave for town. I was so tired!

When we arrived at the church, there was still plenty of work to do! We decorated the tables, and got everything ready on the food tables, and finished cutting cilantro and putting the cherries on top of the cheesecakes. We worked and sweated, and worked and sweated some more. By the time the moms started showing up, I (along with the rest of the young people who were there helping out) was tired of standing, and my feet hurt.

We enjoyed the celebration, and had each class come upstairs and do something. The little kid’s class (2-6 year olds) came and recited a poem for the mothers. The big class (7-11 year olds) came and recited poetry, and had a cute little play that Charity and her friends did. Charity wrote and directed it, and the girls did an awesome job acting! The girl’s youth class also had a drama they performed and the guys didn’t do anything. The only guy who did anything was Nicolas, who was the only one who said something when they opened the mic up for kids to thank their moms.

During the whole event, the young people were SO LOUD! They wouldn’t quit talking, no matter who told them to hush.

When we were done, everybody was so tired! We cleaned up as soon as possible, and sat around in exhausted heaps on the platform. Lol I have some pictures to prove it, too! We had a very good time over all, and were thankful for all the mothers in attendance. This year our celebration was a big success.

  • Maddi, Kenzie, and Kesler’s Trip to Honduras!!

You guys, me and Josiah are so excited about this! We’ve been counting down the days since it was a month away (and way longer than that, too!) 😀 My dear friend, Maddi, and her sister Kenzie are coming in from Kansas for our youth event, and are going to stay for a week and a half. Woot Woot!! Kesler Pirtle (our adopted cousin from Texas 😉 😛 ) is also coming down, and we’re looking forward to seeing him! They are flying in on Thursday, and we already have so many plans! Starting with the welcome committee y ending with….well, I can’t go giving all the secrets away, now can I? 😀 For the rest of the secrets, you’ll just have to wait and read the blog post! 😀 #advertisement Lol. Needless to say, we are looking forward to Thursday!

  • Youth Advance 2019

As always, we are looking forward to a great move of God in our youth event this year. This is the place where great things happen, where changes are made, and where God visits us! We always fast a few days before the event, and seek God a little longer than usual in our everyday prayer life.  I believe that this year is going to be even better than last year, and as always it is the highlight of our youth’s year.

  • The Best is Yet to Come

I’m sure there are more things that will happen, especially within this week and a half while our friends are visiting. Be prepared to read some crazy stories, because it’s always crazy when you’re with your friends! Lol

Thanks to everybody who has waited for me to blog, even though I only do it about once a month right now. Haha. #truemissionarylife. As I said, I should have more content soon!

Also, me and Lydia are starting to look like twins. Haha. #truestory So just for the fun of it, we went matching for one of our youth meetings and the boys went matching too, so we got a picture.

When did this happen?

Thanks for reading, (You better be the first to comment, Nathaniel) and have a blessed day!

Sarah Schreckhise

5 Replies to “Things as of Late”

  1. Ahhh! You posted!😱 hahaha It put a huge smile on my face when I saw this in my feed; it had been too long, my friend! Anyway, the Connell’s trip looked like a blast! I know all-too-well how crazy PKs can be…🤭😆 I am excited to finally meet them at Heritage! All the pictures of Honduras make my heart happy- I have really been missing it all! The kiddos are so sweet (some more than others😆) and adorable.❤️ Our trip was one full of crazy/awesome memories! I can’t wait to read your post on it, Sarah! (no pressure…🤭😆) Love you and your family much!💕


  2. So, I’m not the first to comment on this post… sorry sis! 😊 but this is a great post, I’m glad the word is finally “going out” (pun intended) about Lauren and I. I miss Honduras, looking forward to getting back there and getting involved again. Love you sis! 😘

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  3. Hey!! These are awesome things!! I was dying when I read some of those “toot” machine scenarios. The spelled sound effects were a great touch ” POOT” 🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣 Lauren showed me a song you wrote. I didn’t know you could sing like that or write lyrics like that?!?! Incredible 👌🏽👌🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you enjoyed it! We have had way too much fun with the toot machine, honestly. 😀 I’m also glad you enjoyed the song. 🙂 Every one that I’ve written has a story behind it, and I’m thankful that God has given me a way to express myself.

      Liked by 1 person

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