The Corona Chronicles: Catching Up!

Hello, my friends! I hope you are all well and taking care of yourself during this pandemic! Things have been crazy busy these past few days/weeks. I have sat down and tried to write this post so many times, but I have never been able to finish, and more and more things keep happening!

I think the last I wrote about was about giving out food, and almost getting arrested (I literally had to pull up my blog to check…that’s how bad it is, y’all.) 🙄🤦‍♀️😁 I am so excited because, for the first time, I actually feel good about not being able to write before, and it’s because the whole time I was busy doing something for God’s kingdom!

At the beginning of the quarantine, I was inspired and impacted by several different messages from different services I attended. There are so many details I can give and so many things I can talk about, but I will leave them all out because of how much I  going to have to write already!

I have grown up admiring those wacky missionary stories that left one with no doubt that God had His hand on the person(s) involved. At the beginning of this year, I asked God to help me be able to live experiences and have stories and miracles to tell about. I never thought I’d be the one telling those kinds of stories, but here I am! One of my friends told me I should start a “Sarah’s Chronicles” series, but I think I’ll pass. Lol Another friend encouraged me to write a book, which I’m not sure I’d be able to do. Let’s just say that I have friends that encourage me a lot! Thanks, chicas! 😊 I will say this: if I ever write a book, y’all are getting a sneak peek and getting to read all these stories as they’re happening (or a few days/weeks after they happen. Lol)

I’m going to catch y’all up on how things have been since last time, and then I’ll tell you about the new developments, too!

  • Dad (and Mom) got a salvoconducto (pass)!

I want to thank those of you who helped us pray for my dad to be able to get a pass as a pastor. God did a miracle, and he and my mom now have a pass to be out Monday through Friday, which has been a huge help! The fact that my dad was able to get his salvoconducto is a testimony of God’s power and His favor! I couldn’t go without sharing that. 😊

  • God provided to be able to make 100 (or so) more bags of food!

Last blog post, I asked you all to help us pray that God would provide to buy and make more bags of food to hand out to the families of our CC (children’s church) kids. It was a miraculous and mysterious way that He did it. Then again, when humans can’t explain it, that point everybody’s praise to God, not to a man. It has been a joy to give out food, and my parents have even been able to meet new families who live close to us that want to come to church when we are able to hold services again.

  • Isabel

So, I thought that I had already written about this, but I guess that this encounter happened the week after I last blogged. If you remember right, I talked about having a baleada for breakfast and how good it was; well, Isabel is the lady who makes the baleadas. Honestly, the first time I went, she seemed very bitter at life and it seemed as if she had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed! Lol. The next week that I went back, however, I was able to start a conversation with her and get to know her a little bit. It was a unique experience, and I felt really encouraged by it. (It was also great to use some of the evangelism techniques I have been learning. 😁) I have visited her many times (any time I’m in town really😆) and she has a church card and, as of yesterday, my phone number. Isabel has not yet joined any of our services, but I am praying and believing she will soon, so please help me pray for her! I don’t know what neighborhood she lives in, but her husband’s name is Misael, and they have 5 kids. I believe that there is going to be a really amazing testimony from meeting Isabel, so please help me pray for her!

  • We had our Zoom Conference!!

It was a unique experience to have an online conference, but we were blessed. God met with us and spoke to us in such a powerful way. I know that it was an encouragement for all of those who were able to get on and listen in to services. We were blessed to have several anointed men of God speak for us. Bro. Jeff Roman (AZ), Bro. Victor Gonzales (CA), Bro. Nathaniel Schreckhise (La Ceiba, Honduras; currently in CA 😜), and Bro. Julio May (TN). It was an amazing experience for us all, and I am thankful that we were able to have the meetings!

  • Don Roque

  On Sunday morning, the last service of our conference, Don Roque came to our church house for the first time. A few days before the conference started, he was passing by the house and stopped to chat with my parents. My dad invited him to come to church on Sunday, and we were so excited to see him making his way to our house. I don’t know all of his life story, but he’s been “Christian” for several years now. Before now, he would look at us suspiciously and didn’t really believe we were who we said we are. He is known all around the community we live in because he goes around everywhere, in his electric wheelchair, even on the highway (because, hello, it’s Honduras!😂) He can’t walk, and his hands aren’t fully functioning, due to some kind of accident where (as he says is), God was trying to get ahold of him. He has been to a couple more services and has come over to the house to just visit once, and we are believing and praying that God will give him a evaluation of the truth, and that He would heal his body, as well. I know that if/when the healing takes place, it will be a noticeable miracle that will be spread abroad. God is working y’all! Just please keep Don Roque in your prayers, and I will try to keep y’all up to date with the different things that are going on, as well.

  • I’ve seen revival abroad, via Zoom meetings

I have had the privilege of being in different services in many different places. I have had the opportunity to watch a young man be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost in Belize (while in a Zoom church service), and I also got the opportunity see Sis. Renata be baptized in Jesus’ name in Brasil! God is doing great things everywhere, and I can just tell you that both of these experiences were in the late hours of the evening/early hours of the morning. It is encouraging to see everything that God is doing in theses days! To Him be the glory!

  • Luis

A couple weeks ago, I went into town with Miss Lori and helped her run a few errands. She needed to go to the local Tigo shop; Tigo is one of our cellphone services. We went to the shop, and she asked if I could go in with her and translate to make sure she understood everything. I asked the guard if he would let me in, but it wasn’t my day to be circulating, so he told me (very rudely, tbh) that there were people inside who could speak English and help her, and that I could sit out in the truck and wait for her. I was like “Ok, thank you!” I just smiled was nice, even though inside I was steaming! 😂😂

When Miss Lori finished all that she had to do, she came out to the truck and told me that she would have to go back to Tigo on Tuesday, and asked if I was willing to drive her. I told her it wouldn’t be a problem, and so we went back to Tigo on Monday. Upon arriving, I got in the line to go in, because it was my day (according to my passport number) to circulate, and I needed to buy a phone. (I’ll talk more about the phone later.) The guard was very friendly and smiled and opened the door for me to go in, and it was kinda hard for me to believe that it was the same guard from the week before, because he seemed so different!

Well, Miss Lori came out when she was finished and told me that she had to go back again Tuesday afternoon to pick up her phone that she was getting. It was completely fine with me, because I enjoy driving and getting out of the house for a little while! 😂 We went back that afternoon, and Miss Lori went in. I stayed outside and I went to buy a coffee (because Espresso Americano is open for drive through…eita glória!), but they had already closed for the day. I went back to Tigo and parked right in front of the door, and sat there waiting for Miss Lori to finish and come out. It was around this time I realized I was being observed by the guard, whom I had also been observing a while. I started to feel God nudging me to give the guard a church card.

A few weeks ago, I felt to make some church cards with the same basic information, such as phone numbers and our church service schedules, but on the back I put the information for our Zoom online church services. It was an inspiration from God, I know for sure!

I felt God nudging me to give the guard a church card, and I thought “He is going to think I’m a retard! A lunatic! I don’t even know him, I’ve only seen him a few times, and he doesn’t know me either!” I was arguing in my mind and trying to qualify whether or not I should give him the church card, and I was trying to figure out a way to do it without looking like a complete idiot…😂🙈 It got to the point where (after saying “God if he comes out and there’s no one else here, I’ll take it as a sign that you want me to give him a church card” 😂 for real, y’all) I realized that if I didn’t give him a church card, and if I left without talking to him, I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night, thinking about the great opportunity I missed. I knew that it wasn’t a coincidence that I had been to Tigo twice that day, so I got out a church card and started to pray over it, and pray for the guard and his family.

I won the mental battle of “counting to 3” to open the door, and I think that actually opening the door was me taking a step of faith, knowing that the second I stepped out, it would draw attention to me, and it would be do it or die. 😁 I walked over to the door, and motioned to the guard and asked if I could talk to him. He stuck his head out the door (but the rest of him was inside, because of the AC😆). I said “Look, I know I probably look like a lunatic, and I kinda feel like one, to be honest…but for some reason, God will not leave me alone, and keeps telling me that I need to give you a church card.” He looked at me, and he said “God is really telling you that?” I said, “Yes sir. I don’t know who you are, what situation you’re in, I don’t even know anything about you! But obviously, God has His eye on you, because He won’t leave this American girl alone until she talked to you!” I gave him the church card and invited to our services. I also asked him his name and whether or not he had a family, because I wanted to be praying for them. His name is Luis, his wife’s name is Nora, and they have two boys: Brayan David, and Jose Luis. I told him that I would be praying for him and encouraged him to connect to our services. He told me he would do his best to connect to the church services, and then I wished him a good day and went back to the car, where I sweated and my legs shook a little bit.

On Mother’s day, we had a very good church service, and we saw another contact we’ve made down in the market place (his name is Mario, and his wife’s name is Karen) connect to service. I saw an unknown device connect, and the person turned their video on. I looked at my dad and mouthed “I think that might be Luis!!” We rejoiced because of what God is doing, but none of us were sure whether or not it was him; it is hard to recognize somebody when you’ve only seen and known them by the top half of their face (due to the fact that everyone here uses masks). The same person got on this Sunday, and again I tried to figure out if it was Luis or not, but I couldn’t tell. My dad was convinced it was, but I wasn’t sure. Well, on Tuesday (yesterday) I went to town with Miss Lori, and I stopped by Tigo to greet Luis and ask if he’d been able to join service. He has been joining services, and his family has joined him. He said that they enjoy it and will continue to come.

First of all, that is a huge victory for me, but obviously I am not content with him coming to church and listening and thinking it’s “nice preaching”. I am praying that God will reach and touch him and his family. I am praying that God will give me the opportunity to meet his wife and be able to get her phone number and see if they are interested in a Bible study. I can’t wait to see what testimony comes out of this, too! An amazing thing is that he didn’t tell me where he lived, but on Sunday he said where he was from, and it is on the other side of La Ceiba, the section where we have been praying (for a long time) that God will open up another church. So, in Jesus name!! Just help us pray that God will reach and give a revelation of the truth to Luis and his family. I am sorry that the account of this is so long, but I feel like the story isn’t a story without all these details, and it is soooo exciting to talk about! God is doing amazing things, y’all!

  • Policías Oscar y Romero

Ok, this might make you laugh as much as it makes me laugh, but I also know I serve a God who isn’t a God of coincidences! I was in town another day, and at a police check point was stopped by two policemen. I won’t go into too many details, because it is a long story, but I will say this: one asked me out on a date, and said I could bring my parents, because he wanted to meet them. 🤭👀 He told me this after he asked me if my husband was a missionary, to which I replied “I’m not even married!” I realize now that it was probably a strategic question to find out if I was single without really asking, but oh well… One of the policemen asked me for a Bible, and I told him that I would try to find one and come with my dad to drop it off, so that he could meet my dad/pastor. I know that he probably thinking along a different line, but I believe that God allowed me to meet these policemen for some reason, and I have been praying for our police, our military, our government, because these people need salvation just like anyone else.

So even though the story is funny, I would like to ask y’all to help me pray for these two young men. I am praying that God will reach them and help them to get a hunger in their hearts for God’s word, and a desire to serve Him! I think (Lord willing) that my dad and I may go on Monday to the police station to drop off a Bible and see if we can find a hungry soul. Please pray that God would work in these days and prepare the policemen’s hearts, and if they are not interested, that He would lead us to someone else while there. I hope to be able to write about a result (from this situation) soon!

  • Aníbal y Junior

After dropping off Miss Lori, I realized I did not hand out a single church card yesterday! I was mentally kicking myself, while also mentally making a list of who I needed to give out church cards to on Monday, when I thought about the guards of the gated community she lives in. I thought “Well, there are at least two of them that I can give church cards to and invite right now!” As I pulled up to guard shack, I rolled the window down, and gave church cards to the two guards who were there. I mentioned that we held services at our house on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings, and invited them to join at any time. I believe that God allows everything to happen for a reason, and it wasn’t until I was about to pull out onto the highway that I realized that I hadn’t asked the guards their names! I pulled off of the road, turned around and went back (I was in my dad’s truck, so it took me a while 😂). As I pulled back up at the guard shack, they recognized me and started laughing (probably thinking I was “loco de la cabeza”, which I am), but I said “I’m sorry to come back and bother you guys, but I wanted to ask you both your names.” One guard looked at me a little suspiciously, but I explained and told him that I have a prayer list where I put the name of the people I meet out and about and those I invite to church, as well. They  both gave me their names and I wrote them down to add to the prayer list.

That story is the latest one! I hope and pray that God touches their hearts and puts in them a desire to live for Him and to come/connect to our church services.

One thing I do know, and that is that we serve a good God, and He is by no means stopped by this coronavirus thing going around. I didn’t put in the total number of how many infected, dead, recuperated, in critical condition COVID-19 patients we have in Honduras, because I honestly don’t even like reading the news about Coronavirus. There are too many exciting things going on in God’s kingdom!

  • I still don’t have my phone, but hope soon I will!!

As some of you know, my phone crashed during our family camp at the beginning of this year. I purchased one that was supposed to be coming back by March 17th, or something like that. Well, because of this virus, my older siblings, Allana and Nathaniel, and my phone, got stuck in the US! I think we might be bringing it down (along with some other necessities) via airmail within the next few days, so hopefully anyways!

  • Nathaniel and Allana are stuck!

Nathaniel was supposed to come back last week (he even took a COVID-19 test), but his flight got canceled the day before he left California. He rescheduled it for this Friday, and changed his ticket to fly into the capital, instead of San Pedro Sula. Well, my dad got in touch with a government representative yesterday, and was informed that (upon arriving) Nathaniel would have to take another COVID-19 test, and stay in Tegus for 3-5 days until the test results came back (he would be staying in a gym full of people, most likely, who have been tested and are waiting for results). He decided not to come right now, and wait until things clear up a little bit. Nathaniel is in California with the Klann family, and Allana is in Maine with the Townley family.

I am slightly jealous, but I know that my siblings want to come home, so please help us pray for them that they will be able to come home soon, without having to stay in a hospital somewhere along the way.


I know this has been an extremely long post, and I am so sorry for that! It has been harder for me to have a chance to sit down and write, because I honestly have been very busy! God gets all the glory for these days, though! It has been an amazing experience serving God and seeing the things that He is doing in this day and hour! There is revival, y’all!

I pray there will be more stories to tell in these coming days, and thanks for the prayers…they are much needed and appreciated! I am also sorry that this blog has no pictures. I don’t really have a camera right now, but as soon as my phone gets here, that should change.

Once again, God bless and thanks for reading!

Also, if there is anything I leave out, or if there are any questions you have about things going on down here, please comment below, and I will try to get back to y’all as soon as possible! God bless, and keep reaching for the lost…Love God and love people!

Sarah Schreckhise

8 Replies to “The Corona Chronicles: Catching Up!”

  1. Por fin 😂 como siempre te digo, las cosas que te pasan me entretienen. Que bueno ha sido Dios con todos en este tiempo. Esperemos todo pase pronto, y postees más seguido. 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Jaja 😂 Y por fin comentas, amiga! Realmente Dios ha sido demasiado bueno con nosotros en estos dias, y estoy agradecida con El! Me alegra de que las hisotrias que he vivido estos dias te causen risa. Disfrutare escuchar los tuyos algun dia de estos. 😂😂 Ojala esto pase ya luego, porque realmente ya quiero regresar a tener los cultos en la casa de Dios! Hare lo posible por postear mas frequentemente. 🤣 Dios te bendiga, y gracias por leer. Te quiero mucho, Tifanny! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, there was so much information here that I don’t even know where to start!😂 But I’m so so excited to read about the revival in Honduras!! I pray that when I get a chance to go again, that there’s an overwhelming amount of new faces! Someday, hermana, I’ll go back! Haha Until then, I’ll rejoice from afar! Thanks for the post! I love you!♥️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol, I know it was a crazy long blog post, and since I didn’t have any pictures, it was probably harder to read through! Hopefully next time I’ll be able to have some pictures. It is so exciting to serve God and see what He is doing in this time, my friend! I believe that there will be a lot of people that you have not met when you come back. I’ll look forward to your trip back, sis! Thanks for rejoicing with us, and for reading even if there are no pictures. Lol. Eu te amo mais! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! God is doing amazing things in Honduras, my friend! So glad to read about them! I am praying for you and your family and for the Pentecostals of Honduras. ❤

    Also, praying that new phone gets there soon. 😜😂

    Love you much, my friend! 💕 So excited to see + hear of all you are able to do even in this difficult time.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amen, yes He is! Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate them greatly! I am also praying for your family and for the work in Africa. 💕

      Yes!! I need some intercession. It all depends on when the temperature guns make it to Nathaniel so that he can pack everything up and send it. Lord willing, it will be soon! I defintely appreciate the prayers towards that, though. I’m about to go crazy! 😂🙈

      Love you too, Ash! 💕❣ Thanks for always reading…even when I fail to add pictures and everybody has to read through my jumble of thoughts. 😂

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  4. So glad to finally be able to read another post!! Always enjoy being able to hear about all the great things that God is doing over in Honduras!
    Lol the story about the policias had me literally laughing out loud.

    Also, Im praying for you and your fam, and that you get your phone soon lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading, my friend! God has really been good to us!! I still laugh when I tell it. Lol

      Thanks for the prayers, we certainly need and appreciate them! I definitely am praying that my phone will get here soon, but I appreciate your prayers added to the mix! 😂

      Love you mucho! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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