When We Reach That Other Shore (Dwain ❤️)

Oh, the joy of meeting Jesus mortal tongue cannot portray. For we know when we behold Him, God shall wipe all tears away. We shall behold the Lamb of God sitting on the throne. They’ll be no more crying, no more weeping, trouble will be gone. Hallelujah, there will be joy forevermore when we reach that other shore.🙏🏼❤️

Well, today has been a bittersweet day for our family. My mom’s cousin, Dwain, passed away. It is hard for our family, especially not being able to fly up to be with Aunt Essie, Uncle David, and Taylor (along with everybody else) during this time. It is a hard moment for everyone; not because we don’t know where he went, but because we are still here, while he got the head start. 😊

Dwain had a lot of health issues, and knowing he’s free from those does something good to my heart. He has struggled for so many years, and in past few weeks started to get really bad. We prayed for his health, but more than anything we prayed for God’s will (including him going on to glory, if God willed it). We have prayed for his family and those who are affected the most; that God would give them peace and grant grace in the midst of this situation and the circumstances surrounding it.

I know that Dwain is in a much better place, and although we will miss him, we are rejoicing, because he is able to dance and roam the streets of gold! (I’m actually kind of jealous, Dwain 😊).

Despite the struggle he’s lived (health wise) all these years, he has been one of the most optimistic guys I’ve known. When I remember Dwain, I don’t think of him as the guy who was super skinny and had to be helped around in his wheelchair. I think of him as the guy who always had a smile ready and something nice to say. I don’t know when exactly the last time I saw him was, but I do remember his beautifully bright smile. No matter how hard of a day he was having, he smiled. It wasn’t a fake smile, it was a wide (genuine) smile. 😁

My eyes have teared up many times as I write this, but I will always have a special memory of Dwain in my head, and that is his face when he smiled.

I remember when I was younger and we would go visit him and Aunt Essie and Uncle David. He would ride me around in his wheelchair (which was a highlight of my visits; that and Aunt Essie’s famous brownies 😊). I remember when he’d roll into the room where we kids hung out and play pool with us. I think he was actually the one that showed me how to properly hold a pool stick, although I don’t remember very well now, because I haven’t played in ages. 😂

I do remember one time we went to visit Aunt Essie. When we pulled up, mom was talking to Aunt Essie and they told us not to make too much noise inside, because Dwain had had a really hard day. We went in very quietly and played with the toys aunt Essie let us use. In a few minutes, we heard the wheelchair coming, and turned to look. As Dwain pulled up by us (I can still remember to this day) he had this big smile on his face and he came to give each of us hugs. I still remember: his face was puffy and it looked like he might have been crying, and yet, he was smiling. It does my heart good to know he is still smiling up in Heaven, only that this time, he doesn’t feel any pain! (Must be nice! 😉)

His smile will be what I remember him by the most, and I rejoice to know that he is no longer suffering. I am sure God has a pretty impressive crown waiting for him! He’s gonna look super sharp in it when we see him again! 👼🏼😁 I can’t wait!

Its amazing to have the hope (and the assurance) of one day making it to Heaven. That is what can keep us going even in the hardest days!! During the afternoon (after finding out that he had passed away), a song came to my head I will share the lyrics below:

Verse 1
They say the grass is green as jade in the Promised Land
And mossy trees give endless shade in the Promised Land
And crystal waters flow like wine, I understand
I’m going there, I’m going there
Verse 2
I’m told the sky is sapphire blue in the Promised Land
And rain will never cloud the view in the Promised Land
And Jesus rules as Lord of all at God’s right hand
I’m going there, I’m going there
Oh, I want to go where the milk and honey flows
Where Jesus is the light, where He’s building me a home
Oh, I want to be where my Father waits for me
I’m longing for the day I finally stand
In the Promised Land
Verse 3
I’m told the days are endless there in the Promised Land
And heartache doesn’t have a prayer in the Promised Land
And praises of our God are sung by every man
I’m going there, I’m going there

For some reason, Heaven seemed much nearer than normal tonight. As I sat on our back porch (upstairs) and watched the sunset, I got to thinking. Dwain even got to watch the Creator of the universe paint the sky tonight! It seemed as if he was a whole lot closer, and Heaven a whole lot nearer than ever before. I looked up and thought: “Someday soon, Jesus will be calling us all home!” ❤️

Are you ready? Now is the time to figure that out! I just have something final to say:

Well, you did it Dwain (aka Uncle Dwain)!! You beat us there. 😊 It’s kinda hard to believe that you’re gone, but you are actually closer right now than ever before! It seemed like Heaven was so much closer tonight. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before we join you. It must be nice to walk (WALK!) around. Forget it, RUN around up there. I’ll bet you’re zooming around on the streets of gold; you’re probably able to go a lot quicker then in the extremely-slow electric wheelchair you had down here. I can just imagine you smiling, and I guarantee your smile is a million times bigger and brighter. You’re not having any trouble talking now, are you? You don’t even have to wear a mask and there are no more pain pills or medication schedules! Wow, that must be nice! 👏🏼 We are all rejoicing down here. Sure, we cry. That’s a normal human trait, but we’re not crying for you, you are in the best place you could be at! We are crying for us who have to stay here and are unable to join you just now. Even though we mourn the loss, we weep with joy, because you’re finally free!! I can’t wait until I make it up there and can run and give you a hug! This time, though, you’ll be running toward me, too! You will be missed, but more than that, you will be celebrated! You crossed the finish line before we did; you made it! I love you, Dwain. Even though my eyes tear up to think about not seeing you for a while, my heart smiles as I remember that someday soon we’ll be together and there will be no more sicknesses or disease. No more tears or pain. Or regrets. Only joy, as we worship Jesus together! See you soon! ❤️ -Sarah

Please keep Dwain’s family in your prayers. Aunt Essie, Uncle David, and Taylor (his son) are the ones who are probably most affected by this all. There are other family members who are also having a rough time, though. Please keep our family in your prayers, as well (especially my mom). We all love Dwain bunches, but my mom grew up with him and his sister, and knew him before he started having health complications. I think the hardest part for us all (but more than anyone, my mom) is not being able to be with the rest of the family during this time. We trust God is in control of everything, though. We appreciate all the prayers from everyone during this time.

Sarah Schreckhise

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