The Corona Chronicles: Where Have We Been? and Hitting a Lady with the Car

Hey y’all!!

I know this post is way overdue, and honestly it’s sad that every time I write, I start with: I’m so sorry for how long it’s been! 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️

We have been keeping busy, as always, and God is doing amazing things! I have had several different doors of opportunity opened to me, which is exciting, and it is always encouraging to be a part of what God is doing!

There are several things that have happened, but it is a little hard to write about everything that’s happened at one time. God is been good to us, and we have no complaints! After what happened yesterday, though, I had to write. I can’t keep quiet about this. 🙏🏽👀

I am sure that once I post this, I will remember something that I forgot to write about, but my brain is kind of dead right now. 😂

This post might not be as long as my posts normally are, but I will try to cover all the bases. We are well, God continues to provide for our family and our church, and continues to keep His hand of protection on us.

We are still unable to congregate at the church, and continue to have services via Zoom. We have had some services in our back yard on Sundays, and we have had up to 70 people in our back yard and over at the little house. I will share some pictures with y’all.

My siblings have also taken it upon themselves to do Sunday school over at the little house, and I admire them for their dedication and taking care of it. If they hadn’t felt to do that, we would be unable to have classes, due to picking people up and all the running around we do. God bless Josiah, Lydia, Cristel, and Roxana for taking that task upon themselves. I believe God is going to reward them for it! I will also share a few picture from Sunday School!

I am thankful for the different services I have been able to attend online, as well, due to churches around the world being limited to having church online. I especially enjoy having been given the opportunity to join the Lambeths for services in Portuguese. I am trying to learn a little bit more for when I go down there. I don’t remember whether or not I mentioned it (and shame on me if I didn’t), but Nataniel and I have tickets purchased to go down to Brasil in November (providing that all is open and we are able to travel, which I am desperately praying will happen.) I am really looking forward to going, and believe it will be a life-changing experience! 😁

We were privileged to have Bro. John John Lambeth preach for our youth last Friday, and also some of his young people got on, which was a treat for our young people! They are looking forward to a time when they can (hopefully) actually meet face to face. 😂 Muito obrigado a cada jovem que se juntou a nós na sexta-feira!

I want to also say thank you for the comments I have been sent, I appreciate every person who takes the time to tell me how much the blog means to them, or how it helps them. I know I mentioned it last time, but recently I have gotten several, and nothing encourages me more than to know that something on here has helped someone…so thanks and keep reading!

I also wanted to give a couple of shootouts real quick. We heard about “The Real Time Podcast” from some friends of ours, and upon hearing about it looked it up and listened to it. The whole family gathered around in the living room listening to it, and honestly we really enjoyed it, and I would recommend it 100% to anyone! Based in Colorado and hosted by some friends of ours, it is funny, (sometimes educational), and I think y’all would enjoy it. They don’t have very many podcasts out yet, but they are working on more content and should have some more out soon (or so I was informed! 😁) Well, if y’all want to check it out, visit them on their website page here. You can find them in Apple podcasts, and I’m honestly not sure where else the stream their podcasts. If you have an iPhone or Apple product, be sure to check them out!

I also want to give a shoutout to another website of a good friend of ours from Mexico. If you have seen my page about the blogs I follow and recommend, you will notice I have Apasionados de Jesucristo included in that list. We love Bro. Abner Garcia and treasure his friendship very much! God has given him a burden for young people, and since he started the blog, he has had a chance to reach so many Spanish speaking young people. I would completely recommend his blog, and believe it will be worth your time to read what he writes (and he also has had different people write in and post on the blog, as well). If you have a minute to check it out, and especially if you speak Spanish, I would definitely encourage you to do it today.

Well, I know that I have talked a lot about the different people who God has led me to and allowed me to meet in these past days, and one of the first contacts I made was a guard named Luis. Well, I can’t remember whether or not I wrote about having the opportunity to meet his wife and take her some food, but when I took her food, I only gave it to her and didn’t really get a chance to get to know her, and I didn’t even get a picture with her. I took her some food on Thursday, but then on Sunday, after service, Luis told my dad he had been fired from his job, and would love a pastoral visit.

It just so happened that my dad and I were heading into town the next day and we went by and had the opportunity to meet and get to know Luis and his family. We started out just going to visit and trying to get to know them, but ended up staying there around 2 hours, talking about the Bible and the gospel (how accepting Christ isn’t biblical, that only the name of Jesus give forgiveness for our sins, and how we need to receive the Holy Ghost to be saved.) It was an encouraging time, and honestly hearing that God had been dealing with Luis for a while before I felt to go talk to him, encouraged me to always listen to and obey God’s prompting when He asks me to go talk to someone. Nora (Luis’ wife) said she didn’t believe that her husband had really been invited to church, and that it was big joke, but since seeing it was real, their family has been logging on the church services and also to a Bible study we’ve started with the visitors on Tuesday nights. This time when we went to visit them and get to know them, I finally got a picture for y’all! So excited about what God is doing in their lives!

Nora, myself, Brayan, Luis, Josue
2020-07-07 (6)
Bible study on Tuesday night; God is doing great things!

This past Sunday, I had a really exciting moment, because I had a spiritual grandson logged on to service. Luis invited a guy he worked with who came to church, and I believe God is going to reach him, as well. God is doing great things, y’all; how are you involved in God’s kingdom? Do you have (at least) one person you’re trying to reach for? God’s return is drawing near, and I want to reach as many people as I can in the last day and time!

The other day, while at the mall with Miss Lori, I met yet another guard that I was able to witness and talk to, and I also gave him a church card. I keep praying for him, and hope that he logs on to church at some point. His name is Alfredo, please help me pray for him and his family.

Ther have been many miracles in these past days that I have witnessed, and I am thankful to be living in this time where we are seeing such a powerful demonstration of God’s power. I know I have said it many times, but it is the truth and I will say it yet again. Last week, I went to pick Francis up from work, and as I left home, I could tell there were dark clouds in the sky (proof that it was going to rain). As we started back home, the wind picked up in what seemed like a split second and there was hurricane weather. Honestly, I could feel the truck being pulled to the side, and the wind was really strong. Just a little ways (on the highway) before pulling off on the dirt road to go to our house, a big tree had fallen in the middle of the road. It fell very quickly, because we had been right where it fell only 5 mins before that. I am thankful for God’s hand of protection, and thankful we weren’t under that tree when it fell. To some of you it may seem ridiculous to thank God for that, but the Bible says to give thanks in everything!

I believe the greatest testimony I have lived so far (although I don’t know, because God has been mighty good to me) is something that happened to Cristel and I yesterday. Yesterday we had some errands to run in town, and started out at around 9:00 am. Well, we managed to get the first thing done, but then spent 2 hours waiting at the dermatologist, and finally got up and told them we’d be back another day. This was after waiting for over an hour and a half (after my appointment was scheduled) for the doctor to show up, because Hondurans run on their own time. 😁👀

Cristel and I were invited by some sweet friends of ours for lunch (well, we kinda invited ourselves 🙊🤭😂), but they were gracious and allowed to come without kicking us out. lol. Well, as we were heding out to our friends’ house to eat, we both felt pretty frustrated, because it seemed that we weren’t getting anything done and we had so much we needed to finish. We really enjoyed our time spent with Tiffany and Andrea and the rest of their family, and enjoyed the delicious food they prepared for us, as well. The conversation we had was also pretty great! 😂😜 Gracias, chicas, las amo mucho!

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture until I had already started eating 🤭😂

We left from their house a little later than we expected, but that happens when you’re having fun, and don’t get to see your friends often enough. Cristel and I headed back into town to do more errands, but we were both so tired, and were trying to decide whether to cancel those errands and come back another day or not. Well, we decided to go the back way to avoid all the traffic (and police, because there are a lot of bored young policemen who love nothing more than to keep two single girls on the side of the road and try to chat with them for a while.) Sadly, it didn’t save us as much time as we expected.

As I was passing the entrance to the road leading to the public hospital here in La Ceiba (hospital Atlantida), I slowed down to let a car from the other lane turn, and I am so thankful that I had started to put on my brake. Right after the car turned, a bike shot out and started to cross. The lady on the bike had already nosed out once, but got back behind a big truck, so I thought she wouldn’t be crossing, after all. I was wrong. Right when I was getting close, she shot back out and started to cross the road. I was really close, and honestly it is a miracle that I didn’t send her flying. I think it was her nerves kicking in, but she seemed freeze halfway across the road, and the rest seemed to happen in slow motion. I slammed on my brakes, and swerved to miss her, but right when I thought I had missed her, I heard the crunch. I don’t know if any of y’all have been in an accident before, or ever hit someone with your car, but the sound of the metal hitting flesh (and adding the bike in the mix) has to be one of the worst sounds in this world.

I turned on my hazards, and got out of the car. I couldn’t see the lady, because I hit her with the passenger side of the car. Cristel immediately got out of the car and ran to help her get up. My first thought was making sure that she was ok, and after we knew she was, I just hoped she wouldn’t try to call the police and press charges. It was completely her fault, but here in Honduras the system doesn’t necessarily help Americans, especially since they are considered rich people. When she first got up, she was very nervous and crying, and so Cristel and I asked her if she minded if we prayed for her. She didn’t answer in the moment, but we took her silence as consent and began to pray. When I say pray, I think that every Apostolic young person reading this knows what kind of prayer I am talking about. It was a unique experience, praying in the middle of the road with grease on our hands (because we were trying to help her fix her bike.)

After us praying a few minutes, it’s like she came to and realized what we were doing, she brushed us off and tried to walk away, but was still in shock. Cristel followed her, and I went to buy some water. We gave her some water and tried to calm her down, and right before she left, she started to cry and shake really bad again. Cristel and I were both shaking badly, and I asked Bessy (the lady I hit) if we could pray for her. This time she agreed and Cristel and I again began to thank God for His protection and His hand in our lives. Again, we had an Apostolic prayer meeting (😆), and it was a miracle because all three of us felt the moment we stopped trembling, and I know it was the Lord.

After we prayed for her, she started walking off toward the hospital (where she was going to visit a family member), and we started to pull away. For some reason, both Cristel and I didn’t feel good about leaving her without making sure she was ok, and we kept stopping and asking her if she was ok. Honestly, it seemed to me that she couldn’t figure us out, because we were being kind to her when we should be mad. The reason I say that is because everytime we would ask if she was ok, her eyes would tear up.

Her bike was messed up, and we asked her where she came from, because she was going to have to walk home that evening. She lived a long ways after town, and we both felt it was wrong to leave her there and kept trying to make a decision and looking at each other for the answer; neither one of us wanted to make the decision. lol

We asked her if she wanted a ride out to her house, and I think she was a little suspicious of us. We asked and offered several times, but she kept brushing us off. Well, Cristel isn’t someone to give in that easily and eventually ended up asking her (this was HG boldness, y’all): “So, are you going to call us, or are we going to call you at 4?” She looked at us confused, because she had just told us for the hundredth time that she was fine and would make it home. She told Cristel “Well, I don’t have saldo, so it would have to be you guys.” (Saldo is prepaid call money. You can’t talk to people unless you have paid ahead or have a monthly plan, which is expensive and most people can’t afford.)

We told her we would be back at 4:00 pm to pick her up and take her home. We ran to the church real quick and kind of finished calming ourselves before heading back to the hospital. At 4:00 pm, we were back to pick her up. Cristel called her and told her we were outside waiting for her, and so she said “Well, it looks like I’m going to have to go with y’all, because I can’t take my bike like this.” Cristel said it almost seems like she didn’t expect us to call her. When she came out with her son (who looked ready to kill someone, ok not literally. lol) we put the bike in the car and started to take her back.

On the way to drop her off, I told her that I didn’t think it was a coincidence that we had met, although I wished it had been by a simple introduction. I told her that every day before I left my house, I pray that God would lead me to someone who was hungry, and that He had led me right to her. I told her God’s hand was in it, and Cristel also told her that maybe God was trying to get her attention; she seemed to agree, but didn’t elaborate. We gave her a church card (well, two as Cristel says, because the first one got oil from her bike all over it) and invited her to get on to service with us at some point. I hope and pray she will…so y’all please help us pray for Bessy.

(We have an inside joke where we call her Bici – Bessy, because I didn’t want to get her confused with another Bessy. Well, if you’ve heard English with a Spanish accent, “bici” -which is short for bicicleta- sounds like “busy” in English, when said with a Spanish accent. We now call her “busy Bessy” and it is not in anyway making fun of her, its more like: either you laugh or you cry.)

Since I am a blogger, sadly, I have become an expert at taking discreet selfies. 😁 So, the road was super bumpy, but I managed to get a half decent picture, which I will share with you all. I will add the selfie I got below as well as a picture of the car afterwards. I didn’t even think to check the car until we were on our way! 😆😂

I am so thankful for God’s hand of protection and how He works everything for our good! On the way home (and partly because we were shaking so bad), Cristel and I had “Ver la Victoria” on repeat. I kid you not, all the way home. We passed the police post 3 time with the same song on and our windows rolled down (because the car doesn’t have AC), bellowing it out at the top of our lungs (through a mask, obviously. 😂) If we didn’t do things like that, though, there would be no memories for us and no crazy stories for y’all! 🤭😆

It was no accident that we ran into Bessy; it was a God thing! (Ok, if you didn’t get that, I’m sorry. I’ll pray that revelation comes! 🙏🏽👀😂)

I also wanted to ask for your prayers for Isabel, who was the very first lady I met and became friends with. I have talked to her several times and invited her to church, but she has never once responded to my messages or gotten on to service. When I go to visit her at her work site, we always have a great conversation, but there has never been anything more than that. Well, the other day I was getting into bed and it was almost 10:00 pm, and I got a call from an unknown number. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have answered, but since this pandemic began, I have given out my number so many times that I am on call of duty at any hour of the night. 😂

When I answered, it was Isabel trying to get ahold of me. She was infected with Coronavirus and had been away from work for almost 3 weeks, which I had noticed and mentioned to dad many times. She began to tell me her journey, and how she had problems breathing and kept thinking and praying “how I hope that Sarah and her dad are praying for me.” She told me that she wished to hear my voice praying over her. I told her that even though she couldn’t hear me, I had been praying for her daily. She has been getting better, but as is with Coronavirus, she has good days and bad days. Today when I called her, she had been having a hard time breathing, but she has ups and downs. I wanted to ask y’all to help me pray for her. More than her healing, I want to see her saved.

We are running out of time, folks, and now is the time to reach everybody we can. It’s gotten to the point where it really doesn’t matter what people think about you. This world isn’t about us, it is about reaching as many as we can and talking to others about the truth, so that we are not to blame for them being lost. It would feel horrible to get to Heaven and see all the people you saw (but never talked to) being condemned to a hell for eternity. I want to reach anyone and everyone who will listen and is hungry or needy.

May your love for souls be greater than your love for your comfort zone.

I wanted to take a second and thank God for the service we had tonight. Honestly, God knows what we need when we need it. It was only our family at our house tonight (no one else came over) but we had an amazing prayer after the Word of God, which was perfect and exactly what we needed to hear. So, thank you Jesus! We finished prayer a little under an hour ago. God is good!

I want to thank anyone and everyone who made it this far and read through all of that…y’all are the best! 😂😂👏🏽 I enjoy blogging, but these days I haven’t had as much time because there are a lot of things going on. I am not complaining, honestly I needed that! I am excited to be involved in what God is doing.

I do want to say that I hope no one feels like I am making myself some huge amazing young person who has compassion on everyone and always wants to help everybody she meets. I do like to help when I am able, but these posts aren’t for you to think I am such an amazing person; I am thankful that God has allowed to be involved in His kingdom, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I realize that “it’s not about me, this is not my home” #kirkfranklin, and I never want to forget that.

I also encourage you (whoever you may be) to find someone to work with and reach during this time. There is nothing that is worth your time more than being involved in the work of God. Strive to be used of God, and once you reach your first soul (especially when they come to church), you’ll be hooked for life!


Ok, I think I’ve talked enough for this time, but thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I have some awesome ideas for posts, but not very much time. I hope to write soon, but you know how that goes, so please don’t hold your breath. I wouldn’t want anybody to die because of me. 😊🙊

God bless, and thanks for reading!

Sarah Schreckhise




13 Replies to “The Corona Chronicles: Where Have We Been? and Hitting a Lady with the Car”

  1. Wow! I think that this is probably one of your best blog post as of yet!! WOW WOW WOW! Such amazing things God is doing on the Mission Fields.. I think this blog made me all the more lonesome to get back to the field. 😭😀 I miss it SO MUCH! Amazing stories you told.. 🙏🏽🙌🏽 Wow do I ever miss the Missions Field, thank you so much for sharing all that you shared, great great post. You all are in my prayers.🙏🏽 Pray that the borders get opened back up so I can head back down to Belize.. my blog has taken quite the downfall… 🤪 Still working on my graduation blog though. 😀😂

    God Bless You All!

    Cole E.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! I continue to pray that the borders would open soon for all the missionaries who are stuck away from home, wherever they may be. Also Belice and you guys are in my prayers every day! Just remember that there is a reason for everything. We have wanted Allana and Nathaniel to come back for a long time, but for some reason they haven’t been able to.

      God’s Will, God’s Way, God’s Time.

      God bless, and I pray you’ll be able to return to Belice soon.🙏🏼

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jajajaja, amiga mía te amo también. Ya te corría yo. 😂😂 bien sabes que sos bienvenida. Y definitivamente disfrute la visita, quedamos pendiente nosotras ahora. 💕 saludame a mi fren Cristel. Gracias a Dios por las cosas que hace. Espero verlas pronto. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jaja por algo sucedió esto de la cuarentena. Imagínate que solo por medio de algo así nos pudimos ver… cuando antes si siempre estábamos ocupadas! 😂😂 Pues, ahora creo que te toca a vos venirte, ya que hasta allá he ido 2 veces. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Ahí te la saludo, y espero verte de nuevo pronto!


  3. Hahaha 😍 me encantó💓 siento que estuve en cada momento 😅 solo puedo decir que valió la pena la espera . Te amo mi Sarah y deseo que Dios te bendiga siempre y te de esa alegría y energía que siempre tenés💓 y te guarde de esos policías enamorados 😅😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jaja 😂😂 Andrea! 🤦🏼‍♀️😁 Por fin comentó la muchacha…ya días espero el comentario. Yo también te amo, amiga.❤️ Un día usted estará presente al pasar lo que me pasa, o algún día tendrás que comenzar tu propio blog para contar todo lo que te pasa a vos. 😂🤭 Aún sigo esperando tu visita! 🙊😂 Love you! ❤️ Gracias por tu comentario. 🤗😆


      1. Ahaha pronto te iremos a visitar😍 . Es un poquito complicado cruzar la ciudad sin licencia 😅 pero tras que pueda vamos 👍💓😍♥️😍💓😍♥️♥️ y ya me gustó esto de comentar por aquí😂 chaooo 🥰 Saludos a la familia♥️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Son bromas😂😂…te espero acá cuando puedas venir! Y tengo fe que puedes pasar el examen, la prueba, y celebraré contigo. Solo me mandas una foto con tu licencia. 😁👏🏼❤️ TKM, y saludes a todos allá!


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