US Trip: September 2020

I’m going to do my best to catch up, because I am so far behind. Lol

We have been in the US, as most of you know, for quite a while. I will do my best to catch up with all that has happened in the past few weeks/months.

So, on September 22nd, my dad I flew into Orlando, FL, and a week later my mom and younger siblings flew up.

God provided for us to purchase a motorhome, and the reason my dad and I flew up early was to go pick it up and get it ready for when everybody else got here.

I drove on an interstate for the first time in my life! The first time I got behind the steering wheel, my dad laughed at me, because my knuckles turned white, and I kept expecting people to come into my lane. 😂 My dad had to explain to me that people drive differently in the States, because they are a little bit more polite then back home.🙈😂

I’ve driven a lot since being here, because I’ve followed my dad (who drives the motorhome) in our car. I am thankful that I’ve gotten more practice and experience. 🥳

Our car made it!! 🥳🥳

My dad and I had the opportunity to go to two different churches that I had never been to before. We went to the Padgett’s, and we enjoyed spending time with everyone. I was privileged to meet a sweet young lady named Hannah. We had a common goal which she has achieved (since I last saw her), but I have yet to accomplish. 😆👌🏼

We also were able to visit the Johns’ church in Miami. Try took us to eat Cuban food at Versailles “The world’s most famous Cuban restaurant”. I loved the atmosphere at the restaurant, and the fellowship with the Johns. I told my dad when we got back to the hotel, “I love them!! I can’t wait to go to church tomorrow!”

I thoroughly enjoyed both services, and I enjoyed hanging out with their young people, and meeting new friends. I really enjoyed meeting/chatting with Lillie. 😀

I was surprised at how many people I’ve met that read my blog. It humbled me. I just want to say thank you to each person who reads these blogs and remains patient when I don’t post very often. It means a lot to me!

We were also privileged to spend some time with the Bass family and be in church with for a mid-week service. I was blown away, because after service they had a surprise graduation party for me. I really couldn’t believe it; it was so sweet and thoughtful! 🙈

I wish I had good pictures of the celebration, but the ones I was sent were blurry, so I only have the half-decent ones I took with the balloons! Sorry! 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏🏼

Thanks to everyone who gave me a gift or wrote me a note; I really enjoyed it, and I am still using the gifts y’all have given me. ♥️

I enjoyed my time while in Florida and I am grateful that we were able to go to new places and meet new people. I hadn’t been to Florida since I was a little girl.

This pretty much sums up September, since we were only here in the US the last two weeks of September. I will do my best to get another blog out about October, where there was a little more action. 😆😂

Thanks for still reading, even when you have to wait for a few months between posts. 😂🙈 I’m working to get the other one done soon. 🤭👀

– Sarah Schreckhise

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